How to Turn Digital Photos Into Canvas Prints for Cheap: The 5 Best Sites

Canvas prints are a great way to make digital photos tangible. Use these sites to order canvas prints for cheap!

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Snapped an amazing photo on your phone or DSLR and wish you could blow it up to hang on your wall? There's no better way to do that than with a custom canvas print, which you can easily order online.

But if you don't want to spend a fortune—canvas prints can get pricey depending on where you order them—there are a handful of sites you should keep in mind to get canvas prints for cheap.

These sites are easy to use, too. They'll walk you through the simple process of turning digital photos into canvas prints, and have them delivered to your house in tip-top shape.

When comparing the numerous sites that offer on-demand custom canvas prints, we'll compare their prices using the most common canvas print size: 11"x14" (10"x14" or 12"x16" if unavailable). We'll also make note of any extra features and interesting upgrades.

Let's dive in! Here are the best canvas print sites for turning your digital photos into canvas prints for cheap.

1. is the #1 US-based canvas shop on TrustPilot, making it one of the most reliable sites when you want to order canvas prints for cheap. They offer the most canvas sizing options out of any other canvas print site we've compared.

The 10"x14" canvas that's 0.75" thick with no frame costs an affordable $22. They also offer 5 different wrap designs for the canvas edges. The optional hanger set costs an extra $4, and the optional frame costs an extra $19. Overall, an excellent value for the print quality. offers free shipping on orders over $70. Otherwise, standard shipping costs $8 per order in the continental US, and $40 per order to Alaska, Hawaii, or the Virgin Islands.

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2. Easy Canvas Prints

Easy Canvas Prints has been in the canvas prints business for quite a while, having started in 2009. They sell more than just canvas prints now, but that's still what they do best.

The 11"x14" canvas that's 0.75" thick with no frame costs an impressive $14.10. There are 7 optional frames that cost between $25 and $35. You can increase the thickness to 1.5" for $4, add a canvas stand for $2, add a rear dust cover for $5, or add a hanging mount for $2. Sepia and grayscale filters are available free of charge.

Easy Canvas Prints has $10 shipping fee for standard shipping. As of this writing, they're offering a free rush upgrade so your order ships next day for no extra charge. Easy Canvas Prints doesn't offer free shipping, no matter how much you spend.

3. CanvasChamp

CanvasChamp has been around since 2012, and they've quickly risen to become one of the best places to get canvas prints for cheap.

With a 99-year warranty and a no-hassle full refund guarantee, you can rest assured that CanvasChamp will deliver the high-quality prints you expect.

The 11"x14" canvas that's 0.75" thick with no frame costs an incredible $11.59. Optional sepia and grayscale filters are free. Frames are available starting at $20, advanced filters are available starting at $10, and accessories like hanging hooks and easel stands can be added.

CanvasChamp offers free shipping on orders over $69. Otherwise, standard shipping costs $10 per order.

4. Walmart Photo

Did you know Walmart offers canvas prints? And they're actually not bad! And unlike the other canvas print providers on this list, you can opt for home delivery OR store pickup (even same-day pickup).

The 11"x14" canvas that's 1.25" thick with no frame costs $24. You can add an optional frame, which costs between $16 to $48 depending on the frame style. Walmart's canvas prints come with hanging hardware pre-installed for maximum convenience.

Walmart's canvas print editor also allows you to add text in many different fonts and colors. You can even select from dozens of pre-designed templates, which you can customize at no charge.

Walmart offers free shipping on orders over $35. Otherwise, standard shipping costs $6 per order. You may be able to bypass the shipping fee by choosing to pick up at your local Walmart store.

5. Vistaprint

Vistaprint is a one-stop shop for whenever you need physical or digital marketing materials for your small business. But even if you aren't a small business owner, you can leverage Vistaprint's catalog for personal items—including custom canvas prints.

The 12"x16" canvas that's 1.5" thick with no frame costs a reasonable $29. Note that this is thicker than other cheaper canvas print providers! Vistaprint only offers 4 other sizes, but the print quality is great if you're happy enough with one of those limited size options.

Vistaprint's shipping fee scales with your order. Up to $15, shipping costs $6; up to $35, shipping costs $7; up to $75, shipping costs $9; and over $75, shipping costs $12. Vistaprint doesn't offer free shipping, no matter how much you spend.

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