11 Geeky Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Nerdy True Love

Want to do something a little less traditional? Give your loved one the gift of geek with these nerdy Valentine's Day gifts.
11 Geeky Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Nerdy True Love

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Traditional Valentine's Day gifts are fine if you're a traditional kind of couple. But for most geeks? We're far from traditional!

There's nothing wrong with liking flowers and chocolates, but this year why not go a step further and gift your significant other something a little more geeky? Geeky can be romantic!

If you're at a loss for what that means, no worries. Here are some of the best geeky Valentine's Day gift ideas for your nerd partner.

1. Fog of Love Board Game

Fog of Love is a unique board game in many ways, but the most interesting thing about it is that it simulates falling in love, starting a relationship, working through difficulties, all while balancing your own needs against your partner's desires.

It's a two-player role-playing game where each of you is asked to make decisions according to your character's traits, and each of you has to figure out what the other wants. If either of you is too selfish or too selfless, the relationship fails!

There's really no better board game for a couple that wants to explore the phenomenon of romance. There are same-sex and diversity-centric versions of the game as well.

2. Romantic Picnic LEGO Set

Did you think LEGO sets were only for kids? No way! Forget the dinosaurs, spaceships, and other fictional LEGO sets you normally think about—this one represents something real.

You can build it ahead of time and present the finished set to your partner, or you can work on it together! We recommend the latter. There's nothing better for Valentine's Day than quality time with your loved one, and this is perfect for that.

3. Han Solo + Princess Leia Art Print

You just can't beat the classic dialogue between Star Wars' Princess Leia and Han Solo. When Princess Leia tells Han Solo, "I love you," he simply replies, "I know."

This improvised line has remained one of the most famous quotes in the Star Wars series. A print commemorating that line is a great gift for your Star War-loving partner.

4. Valentine's Day Adult Coloring Book

Adult coloring books have been trending for several years now, and that trend isn't going anywhere. They're fun, they're creative, and they're a great way to relax—even if you have no art skills. Trust me, ANYONE can color.

And this romance-themed one is perfect for Valentine's Day. You could even color together if you want!

We recommend getting the hardcover version. It feels higher quality and better as a gift, plus it makes the coloring experience more enjoyable. But if you need to save a few bucks, the paperback version is perfectly fine too.

5. Custom Periodic Table Cutting Board

If you're married, you can add your last name to this customizable cutting board. Display this cutting board in the kitchen as a scientific reminder of your love.

It uses periodic elements to spell out "Husband," "Wife," and "Forever." Your surname becomes the "bond" that a husband and wife form. How cutely geeky is that?

6. "Yoda One for Me" T-Shirt

This top may not have Baby Yoda on it, but it's still just as cute. Show your partner that they're the one for you by getting them a t-shirt with a smiling Yoda and a Star Wars pun.

7. Zelda Valentine's Day Card

You can't give a Valentine's Day gift without a card. This Legend of Zelda card probably shouldn't be your ONLY gift... but it's a great supplement that'll really make the day pop.

On the outside, you'll see Link holding a Heart Container, with the words "Love you..." The inside of the card continues the sentence, reading "With every piece of my heart."

It pays tribute to your relationship, while also referring to the health system in The Legend of Zelda games.

8. Romantic Jigsaw Puzzle

An adult jigsaw puzzle is a fantastic geeky gift to give for Valentine's Day. It gives a reason for you two to spend time together—that oh-so-important quality time!—and when you're done, you can hang it up on the wall!

9. Player 1 + 2 Keychains

If you and your partner love to game together, this quirky keychain is the perfect Valentine's Day gift. When the keychains come together, they form a heart.

Give your significant other the "Player One" or "Player Two" keychain, depending on the role they play the most, while you can keep the other one for yourself.

10. World's Okayest Couple Glasses

It's unrealistic to say that you're the world's best couple. Instead of getting cocky, get some wine glasses and enjoy the fact that you and your partner are the "World's Okayest Couple"!

11. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Do you plan on spending a romantic Valentine's Day at home? Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is one of the best local co-op games for couples, and its theme revolves around love.

So if you decide to ditch date night, explore the galaxy in this team-based space shooter.

Celebrating a Geeky Valentine's Day

What better way to express your love to a geek than by giving them one of these nerdy Valentine's Day gifts? These trinkets will definitely make their day much more special.