The 7 Best Coffee Subscription Boxes for Java Addicts

Are coffee subscription boxes worth it? Not all of them are, but here are several that make sense—for coffee newbies and veterans alike.
The 7 Best Coffee Subscription Boxes for Java Addicts

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If you're like me, you go through bags of coffee like they're candy. There hasn't been a single day in the last many years where I've gone without at least one cup of java.

The beauty of coffee is that there are so many different beans, so many different ways to brew, and so many different ways to drink it. The problem with coffee is, how do you taste all those different beans affordably?

That's where coffee subscription boxes come in handy. Every month, you get freshly roasted coffee beans delivered straight to your door—and depending on the box, you may even get some extra goodies with it.

If you're just buying stale coffee beans from the local supermarket, you deserve better. Here are the best coffee subscription boxes for discovering new beans and leveling up your coffee experience.

7. Mug and Coffee Box

Box frequency: 1 box per month

Box contents: (1x) Ore' Original mug + (1x) 8oz bag of regular Kismet coffee beans + (1x) 8oz bag of flavored Kismet coffee

Box pricing: $40 per box (cheaper with multi-month plans)

Mug and Coffee Box is a nice subscription box if you like the idea of collecting mugs while trying out different artisan coffee blends. The beans are roasted by Kismet Coffee and there are new flavors each month.

Every box comes with a brand new Ore' Original mug, with one of six exclusive designs: Whales, Bear, Forest, Moped, Tent, and Palm Trees. Collect all six with a six-box subscription!

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6. Bulletproof

Box frequency: Anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months

Box contents: You can add any Bulletproof products—coffee or otherwise—to your subscription box

Box pricing: 20% OFF on total price of box contents

Bulletproof sells more than just coffee, but the coffee they sell is pretty good. Their subscription service puts you in full control to create your own "box" to be delivered at the frequency of your choice.

By subscribing to regular deliveries, you save 20% off each product's retail price. If your box order is $35 or higher, you get free shipping.

But our favorite aspect of Bulletproof's subscription box is that you can add one-time items to your next scheduled delivery—and you'll get 10% off for those one-time items.

5. MyBean Monthly

Box frequency: 1 box per month

Box contents: (2x) 6oz bags of freshly roasted, ethically sourced whole coffee beans, each bag a different blend

Box pricing: $29 per box (cheaper with multi-month plans)

If ethical sourcing of coffee is of utmost importance, then MyBean Monthly is the ultimate coffee subscription box for you.

Each box contains two 6oz bags of different whole beans, freshly roasted and sourced from family-owned farms and cooperatives. Most of the time, these beans are also grown without commercial pesticides and fertilizers. (The beans come with origin details and tasting notes.)

MyBean Monthly is a little pricy, but that's to be expected—you're paying for the assurance that these beans are ethically sourced.

4. Mixed Single Cup Club

Box frequency: 1 box per month

Box contents: 15 total K-Cup pods from artisan coffee roasters (3 different blends, 5 pods per blend)

Box pricing: $15 per box (cheaper with multi-month plans)

If you don't want to spend much money but still want to discover new coffee flavors every month, then Mixed Single Cup Club is the coffee subscription box for you. (You'll need a pod-style coffee brewer, though.)

Each box comes with three different blends, with one blend guaranteed to be a flavored roast while the other two blends guaranteed to be non-flavored light, medium, or dark roasts.

With the discount that comes with an annual plan, Mixed Single Cup Club comes out to less than $10 per box ($0.67 per pod).

3. Driftaway Coffee Explorer Box

Box frequency: 1 box every 4 weeks

Box contents: (5x) 4oz bags of freshly roasted, single-origin whole coffee beans from around the world

Box pricing: $40 per box (cheaper with multi-month plans)

Driftaway Coffee is a coffee subscription service that serves all kinds of coffee, including whole bean, pre-ground, and cold brew. If you want a specific flavor of Driftaway every month, you can take that route.

But we're highlighting the Coffee Explorer Box, which is one of the best discovery boxes for those who want to expand their coffee tastes and learn about the wide world of coffee flavors.

With each box, you can mark your likes and dislikes, which shapes Driftaway's knowledge of your preferred flavor profiles—and once you know what you like, you can switch to a customized subscription that only includes curated roasts that you'll personally enjoy.

2. Tayst Coffee

Box frequency: 1 box per month

Box contents: 30+ biodegradable K-Cup pods (you pick how many per box, increments of 10, across 7 different blends)

Box pricing: Starts at $23 per box of 30 pods, plus $7 for each additional 10 pods

For the environmentally conscious coffee drinker who relies on the convenience of pod-style coffee brewers, there's no better coffee subscription service than Tayst Coffee.

You can customize how many pods you want in each monthly box (from 30 pods to 4,500 pods) and you can pick how many of each blend you want. As of this writing, Tayst Coffee currently offers four non-flavored blends, two flavored blends, and a decaf blend.

Tayst Coffee pods—including the ink—are biodegradable, compostable, and have absolutely no plastic in them. Beyond the pods, all packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials for maximum Earth-friendliness.

If you subscribe now and select 40+ pods, you'll get a free Tayst Coffee mug with your first box; if you select 60+ pods, you'll also get a free Tayst Coffee jar for storing your pods in a stylish way.

1. Match Made Coffee Gourmet Box

Box frequency: 1 box per month

Box contents: (1x) 4oz bag of craft ground coffee + (2x) freshly baked, flavor-paired gourmet cookies

Box pricing: $24 per box

Match Made Coffee Gourmet Box is our favorite coffee subscription box because it isn't just about coffee beans—it's about elevating the entire coffee drinking experience beyond just the drink itself.

This monthly box comes with a bag of pre-ground coffee and two gourmet cookies that are specifically paired to the flavor profile of the included coffee.

For example, one past box came with a bag of Guatemala Nuevo Oriente coffee, which was paired with gourmet chocolate truffle cookies.

It's not meant to replace your daily coffee routine because it doesn't come with enough coffee to last you an entire month. But it's a lovely, affordable once-a-month experience unlike any other box.

More Tasty Subscription Boxes

Coffee is just the beginning when it comes to subscription boxes. With the right box, you can explore all kinds of unique tastes from around the world, conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

Japanese snack and drink subscription boxes are some of our favorites. Between candies, pastries, ramen, and drinks, they bring the varied tastes of Japan right to you every month.