7 Insanely Valuable Action Figures: How Many Do You Have?

It’s time to go check in your closets because you could be sitting on some of the most coveted collectibles out there without even know it!

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Do you have some action figures from your childhood hanging around? You could be sitting on a gold mine without even knowing it!

There are some action figures that are literally worth thousands of dollars (assuming they’re in good condition).

It’s time to go check in your closets because you could be sitting on some of the most coveted collectibles out there without even know it!

1. Prototype G.I. Joe

This is literally the holy grail for action figure collectors because there’s only one in existence. In terms of rarity, you can’t get any harder to find than that! Obviously, this being a prototype means that it was never produced, and it being the first ever G.I. Joe makes it highly desirable. It last sold in 2003 for $200,000, making it easily the most valuable action figure out there.

2. Rocket-Firing Boba Fett

Star Wars collectibles are always some of the most sought after out there, and this very limited edition Boba Fett is one of the most desirable. The prototype that fired its rocket was considered dangerous for kids, so it was never mass-produced. As such, the last one was listed on eBay for $150,000, making it quite the valuable toy!

3. Vlix

Here was have another Star Wars action figure, further reminding us of how in demand Star Wars is. Vlix was from the short-lived animated series Star Wars: Droids, but the show was canceled before his action figure could see the light of day. As such, only a few were produced, and they were only produced in Brazil. There’s currently an original Vlix on eBay for $58,888.80.

4. Hulk Hogan Prototype

Here we have another prototype but unlike G.I. Joe’s, there are more than one of these LJN action figures out there. There are currently two for sale on eBay, with the cheapest one asking for $25,000. For wrestling fans and action figure collectors, this is definitely one of the most desirable collectibles.

5. Double Telescoping Lightsaber Darth Vader

If there’s one thing there isn’t a limit of, it’s Darth Vader action figures. However, in the case of the double telescoping lightsaber Vader, there are very, very few of them. Because of the flimsy design of the double opening saber, it was changed later, making the originals very rare. Currently, the cheapest one listed on eBay is $15,500. It’s not clear what the last one successfully sold for, but this figure it definitely valuable!

6. Mego Elastic Batman

Remember Stretch Armstrong? This action figure was Mego’s attempt to replicate the stretchy nature of those toys but with the Batman license. Unfortunately, Kenner wasn’t a fan and ended up filing suit against Mego. This led to Mego pulling the toy after only a few were produced, making them incredibly rare. Their estimated value is around $15,000, though there aren’t any for sale on eBay to confirm.

7. 2008 Babe Ruth With Blue Hat

This is a shockingly new toy on the list, as it was released in 2008 by McFarlane Toys. Most of the figures were produced with a white hat, but five were made with a blue one. A couple of them are in the toy company’s possession, and the rest were randomly distributed. In 2009, one sold for over $13,000, and the value has probably only increased since. It’s hard to put an exact value on it because it’s been so long since one sold, but it should be worth at least what it sold for in 2009.

Do You Have Any?

Have you had a look through your toy box to see if you have any of these hanging around? While they’re incredibly rare, you may have stumbled upon one without even realizing it!

If you don’t, make sure you spend some time looking at the action figures the next time you hit a flea market, because you might just find gold!

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