WhatNerd’s August 2019 Giveaway: $99 Nintendo eShop Gift Card

This month’s WhatNerd Giveaway is a Nintendo eShop gift card, allowing you to load up your library with a bunch of new games and experiences.
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And so it goes on!

This month, we’re giving away a $99 Nintendo eShop gift card to a lucky winner. We wanted to make it an even $100, but apparently Nintendo doesn’t offer gift cards in that denomination. How strange! Hopefully you can forgive us for the missing dollar.

With this gift card, you can load up your library with a bunch of awesome games, including these fun Nintendo Switch games for couples and the best Nintendo Switch games ported from other platforms. I also highly recommend grabbing at least one of the Jackbox Party Packs, which are hilarious and entertaining for local group play. Not sure which one to get? Check out our ranking and review of every Jackbox Party Pack.

Interested in the Nintendo eShop gift card? Scroll down to enter the giveaway. Note: While our giveaways are open to all, participants must stay subscribed to our WhatNerd newsletter to be eligible to win.

How to Enter and Win!

WhatNerd: August 2019

Thanks for participating in this giveaway! While waiting for the winner to be picked, check out some of the best free Nintendo Switch games worth playing as well as these nifty Nintendo Switch accessories for a better experience. Cheers!

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