Ask WhatNerd: Are Movie Theaters Worth It?


Ask WhatNerd is a 15-minute podcast series where each episode centers on discussing a through-provoking or controversial question on a given geeky topic, ranging from video games to board games, movies to TV shows, and much more.

In this episode of Ask WhatNerd, we talk about how much we enjoy (or don’t enjoy) going to the movie theaters, and what movie theaters could do to make the experience more worthwhile. Is there still hope for brick-and-mortar cinema? Tune in and let’s discuss it!

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  1. Depends on the movie?

  2. I rarely go to the theaters. Sometimes a special treat for the kids, but outside of that I just don’t enjoy the overall experience and price. I’d much rather wait for streaming/disc and watch at home where I can pause as needed, turn on subtitles to better understand the dialog and also not have to deal with the crazy LOUD/soft volume changes.

    Nothing against people who like going to the theater. I used to do it more when I was in college and could hit the on-campus 2nd-run theater. I just don’t really find it worthwhile these days. So many movies look a little interesting, they come out, time passes, and I barely remember that it even looked interesting at one point. I don’t usually feel like I missed anything and will eventually catch up if I think I did.

  3. For some movies, YES.

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