Trivial Geeks: Christmas Trivia (Season 1 Episode 3)

Watch this special holiday episode of Trivial Geeks where Dave, Daisy, Andrew, and Ashlee take on Christmas trivia!
Trivial Geeks: Christmas Trivia (Season 1 Episode 3)

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Questions in this episode:

  1. 1:37 - In 2018, which country streamed the most Christmas music via Spotify?
  2. 2:15 - In 2018, who was the most-streamed artist for Christmas music on Spotify?
  3. 3:10 - In 2018, what was the most-streamed Christmas song in the United States on Spotify?
  4. 3:47 - On the 11th day of Christmas, what did my true love send to me?
  5. 4:23 - Which song was originally written for Thanksgiving but then became one of the most popular Christmas songs?
  6. 5:48 - Who starred in the Christmas movie Jingle All the Way as Howard Langston?
  7. 6:15 - How many ghosts are in A Christmas Carol?
  8. 6:48 - The first recorded instance of the modern Christmas tree, with lighted candles on an evergreen tree, originated in which country?
  9. 7:34 - In which century was the first written use of the term "Xmas"?
  10. 8:16 - In what decade did Coca-Cola start using Santa Claus in their advertisements?
  11. 9:12 - Which popular Christmas tradition was popularized by servants in upper-class Victorian England households?
  12. 10:15 - Which state in the United States holds the record for the largest snowman?
  13. 11:15 - In Japan, Christmas meals are often eaten at which international fast food chain?
  14. 12:28 - Which popular cartoon character is watched by millions in Sweden every Christmas Eve?
  15. 13:58 - In which decade was the first Christmas card designed?
  16. 15:15 - In the film Frosty the Snowman, who brings Frosty back to life?
  17. 16:30 - What were Frosty's eyes made of?
  18. 16:53 - In what city does the original Home Alone take place?
  19. 17:27 - Who directed the Christmas film, Elf?
  20. 18:38 - In what year was the film The Nightmare Before Christmas released?

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