Introducing Trivial Geeks! A New Trivia Game Show Series by WhatNerd

WhatNerd is launching a new trivia game show series for geeks and nerds!
Introducing Trivial Geeks! A New Trivia Game Show Series by WhatNerd

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We're always trying new things here at WhatNerd. Yeah, we love writing articles—and that's not changing anytime soon—but there's so much more we want to do that can't be captured in the written word.

That's why WhatNerd is officially launching a YouTube channel. Well, technically, we're converting one of our existing side projects into a full-blown channel for WhatNerd videos.

Back in 2018, a few of us started an experimental series called Tech Geeks Try Stuff where we ate weird foods, played weird games, and attempted weird challenges. We learned a lot from doing that series, and we're now launching a brand new series called Trivial Geeks:

Trivial Geeks is a cooperative game show between four players who earn coins by answering trivia questions. The Geeks take turns and have only one chance to answer per question, but may discuss questions with the team before presenting an answer.

A correct answer earns 1 Gold Coin; an incorrect answer earns 1 Black Coin. Geeks may take a Black Coin penalty to request multiple choice answers.


In each episode, one Geek is secretly assigned as Rogue and must sabotage the team. If the Rogue can make it through the episode without being identified, they will steal everyone's Coins and earn 1 Nerdite for every 3 Black Coins they possess.

But if the Geeks can successfully banish the Rogue with a majority vote, the Rogue earns nothing while the Geeks equally earn 1 Nerdite for every 3 Gold Coins in play.

At the end of the season, the player with the most Nerdite is crowned Geek Champion.

Seasons are eight episodes long, and new episodes will be released every week starting Monday, December 9.

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