WhatNerd’s January 2020 Giveaway: $100 Google Play Store Gift Card

This month’s WhatNerd Giveaway is a Google Play Store gift card, perfect for music, movies, and mobile games!

This month, we’re giving away a $100 Google Play Store gift card to a lucky reader. With this digital gift card, not only will you be able to purchase all kinds of mobile games for your mobile devices, you can also purchase music, movies, and TV shows to watch.

Interested in the Google Play Store gift card? Scroll down to enter the giveaway.

Note: While our giveaways are open to all, participants must stay subscribed to our WhatNerd newsletter to be eligible to win. This Google Play Store digital gift card will ONLY work in the US.

How to Enter and Win!

WhatNerd: January 2020

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  1. Hey Joel, confusion reigns—which matches my location, where rain confuses 🙂
    Below the “How to Enter and Win!” above, there’s a blank white box—not clickable in, or anything else. So like a good lad, I “Scroll down to enter the giveaway”.
    Aha, a box which says “Enter email” and “I want in”. Cool, done. Oh no! That was to join the newsletter, which of course I’m already subscribed to. I recommend clarity over cuteness, eg “Join newsletter”, if you want to avoid other grumpy geezers with hangovers whining.
    So I’m reasonably sure I’m not entered for the giveaway. If not, what exactly do I need to do? Remember now, clarity 😉
    Straightening up more ducks: the newsletter sub box says “…Once confirmed, we’ll send a welcome email with giveaway instructions”—but there are no giveaway instructions in it, just standard ‘click to confirm’.
    I’ve always assumed I was subscribed to the giveaways in the past due to the absence of any obvious action I could take plus the ambiguous wording that all subs are eligible to win. If that’s not the case, then language needs to be run past some people who are not already intimately familiar with the process—ie who won’t subconsciously ‘fill in the blanks’. Remember the most common phrase of coders watching users do User testing is “Why would they want to do that?”
    Hope this helps. I’m here for the content, not the giveaways, so no biggie—every success in this new decade 🙂

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