Trivial Geeks: Pokemon Generation 1 Trivia (Season 1 Episode 8)

Watch this season finale episode of Trivial Geeks where Dave, Daisy, Andrew, and Ashlee take on the first generation of Pokemon!

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Questions in this episode:

  • 1:06 - Which two video game titles launched the Pokemon series in Japan?
  • 1:24 - In what year did the first-generation Pokemon video games release?
  • 3:23 - What is the name of the fictional geographic location through which the player navigates in the first-generation Pokemon video games?
  • 3:42 - How many different Pokemon Types are there in the first generation?
  • 5:05 - Using the PC-based storage device at home, how many total Pokemon could the player store in their system?
  • 6:27 - What is the name of the leader of Team Rocket?
  • 6:41 - What is the name of the Badge earned by defeating Erika, the Grass-type gym leader of Celadon City?
  • 7:28 - What is the name of the closed-eyed Pokemon who is known as "Kabigon" in Japan?
  • 7:53 - Which key item is used to awaken sleeping Snorlaxes?
  • 8:09 - What is the name of the Grass-type Pokemon that's covered in blue vines and has no visible facial features except eyes?
  • 8:23 - What are the names of all possible evolutions of first-generation Eevee?
  • 9:06 - Which rare item is needed for Nidorina and Nidorino to evolve into Nidoqueen and Nidoking, respectively?
  • 9:55 - What are the names of the two Pokemon that can only be acquired via resurrection using a fossil item?
  • 10:27 - What is the name of the item that instantly increases a Pokemon's level by 1?
  • 10:40 - What are the names of the Legendary Birds of Kanto?
  • 10:59 - What is the name of the Psychic-type gym leader in Saffron City?
  • 11:34 - What are the names of all Poke Ball types that exist in the first-generation Pokemon video games?
  • 12:39 - What is the name of the fabled "Pokemon" that can only be found on the coast of Cinnabar Island after performing an intricate sequence of steps?
  • 13:04 - What is the name of the location that serves as the Kanto Pokemon League capital?
  • 13:36 - What are the first names of the Elite Four in Kanto?

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