Trivial Geeks: Super Mario Trivia (Season 1 Episode 4)

Watch this nostalgia-packed episode of Trivial Geeks where Dave, Daisy, Andrew, and Ashlee take on Super Mario franchise trivia!
Trivial Geeks: Super Mario Trivia (Season 1 Episode 4)

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Questions in this episode:

  • 2:07 - The very first title in the Super Mario franchise, which played on the Nintendo Entertainment System, was released in what year?
  • 2:37 - The character of Mario had several nicknames throughout development, including "Ossan" and "Mr. Video." What was he called just prior to being named "Mario"?
  • 3:29 - What is the scientific classification of the real-world mushroom that inspired the appearance of mushroom power-ups in the Mario franchise?
  • 4:29 - In the Mario series, the recurring character who fires eggs from her mouth is named Birdo. What is her Japanese name?
  • 5:16 - In the very first Super Mario Bros, how many worlds did the player need to complete in order to beat the game?
  • 6:00 - In Super Mario Land, which was released as a launch title for the Game Boy, what is the name of the primary antagonist?
  • 6:53 - What is the name of the game designer who created the Mario franchise?
  • 7:20 - In Super Mario Sunshine, Mario uses a robotic backpack named FLUDD to cleanse the world and solve puzzles. What does FLUDD stand for?
  • 8:37 - What is the full English name of the character who is known as Boss Pakkun in Japan?
  • 9:38 - Like all Koopas, Bowser resembles a turtle. However, when Miyamoto first conceived the character concept, he was inspired by what animal?
  • 11:05 - In which Mario game can Mario take control of enemies by throwing his hat at them?
  • 11:24 - What is the name of the special Koopa who travels using a cloud?
  • 12:36 - What is the name of the educational spin-off game that features Luigi as the protagonist on a quest to retrieve stolen artifacts around the world?
  • 13:27 - Princess Daisy is the princess of Sarasaland as well as Luigi's love interest. In which Mario game did she debut?
  • 14:25 - What is the name of the very first enemy you're likely to encounter in most Mario games?
  • 14:41 - In his default outfit, what color are Mario's shoes?
  • 15:01 - What is the name of the first title in the spin-off series where Mario and his cast of friends play soccer?
  • 15:23 - How many spots does Toad have on his head?
  • 16:04 - What is the subtitle of the very first Mario RPG game ever released?
  • 17:09 - What is the relationship between Shigeru Miyamoto and Mario Segale, whom the character Mario was named after?

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