The 5 Best Same-Day Grocery Delivery Apps and Services

If you're stuck at home and can't run out for essentials, these same-day grocery delivery services will swoop in and save the day.

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We don't always have the luxury of going out and grabbing a basket of groceries in person. God forbid your car breaks down and you need household essentials, pronto!

As for me? I'm just a lazy son-of-a-gun.

There's a lot I can get done with the extra hour I have when I don't need to go out and shop groceries on my own, and that's why I'm a fan of grocery delivery apps.

This is one of those cases where the premium is worth paying—and for most of these apps, the premium isn't even that much.

Here are the best grocery delivery apps and services worth trying. The right one for you will depend on your own needs!

5. Gopuff

Gopuff is unique in that they have 200+ micro-fulfillment centers around the country, allowing a 30-minute average delivery time on orders. They have thousands of groceries and household essentials on standby, plus they deliver 24/7 in most areas (and late-night everywhere else).

How much does Gopuff cost?

A Gopuff Fam membership costs $6/mo and grants unlimited free deliveries on orders; for non-members, there is a $2 delivery fee. The minimum amount per Gopuff order is $11.

How are these fees so insanely cheap? You might notice that items in the Gopuff store are priced higher than your local supermarket or grocery store—but still affordable.

Where is Gopuff available?

Gopuff currently serves over 500 cities nationwide. Use the location checker tool to see if your area is included.

4. Walmart+

Walmart+ is an annual membership plan that provides several benefits, including free deliveries from your local Walmart, discounted fuel prices at Walmart and Murphy gas stations, and the ability to scan in-store items with the Walmart app so you don't have to go through checkout lines.

How much does Walmart+ cost?

A Walmart+ membership costs $98/yr and grants unlimited free deliveries on grocery and household essential orders over $35, with same-day delivery and no additional fees.

Time slots are between 7am and 8pm, available on a first-come-first-served basis. Regular products get free delivery with no minimum order amount, but may be limited to next-day or two-day shipping.

You can try Walmart+ free for 15 days!

Where is Walmart+ available?

Walmart+ is available nationwide, but the same-day delivery benefit is only available in certain cities. Use the availability checker tool to see if your area is included.

3. Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is one of the many exclusive benefits of being an Amazon Prime member. With it, you can purchase all kinds of groceries and household essentials for same-day delivery (time slots are available on a first-come-first-served basis).

How much does Amazon Fresh cost?

An Amazon Prime membership costs $139/yr and grants unlimited free two-hour deliveries on orders over $35 via Amazon Fresh. For orders under $35, there is a $5 delivery fee. Amazon Fresh also offers one-hour deliveries for an even higher fee.

Where is Amazon Fresh available?

Amazon Fresh currently serves over 2,000 cities nationwide. To see if your area is included, visit the Amazon Fresh page and set your location. (Reminder, you'll need an Amazon Prime membership to take advantage of Amazon Fresh.)

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2. Instacart

Instacart is partnered with most supermarket chains and regional grocers around the country. Deliveries can be scheduled between 9am and midnight (as long as the store is also open), as soon as in an hour or even later in the week.

How much does Instacart cost?

An Instacart+ membership costs $99/yr and grants unlimited free deliveries on orders over $35. Non-members can pay a $4 delivery fee for orders over $35; the delivery fee may be higher for one-hour deliveries, club store deliveries, and orders under $35.

There are additional fees to look out for, including orders over 50 lbs and orders that include alcohol.

Where is Instacart available?

Instacart delivery is available in hundreds of cities nationwide. Use the location checker tool to see if your city is included.

1. Shipt

Shipt is partnered with dozens of stores nationwide. Simply place your order and an available Shipt Shopper will pick it all up and have it delivered, often within an hour. You can send messages to your Shipt Shopper in case you need to adjust your order.

How much does Shipt cost?

Without a membership, you can order Shipt deliveries for a flat rate of $10 per order. Note that items on Shipt are priced slightly higher than in-store.

A Shipt membership costs $99/yr and grants unlimited free deliveries on orders over $35; for orders below $35, there's a $7 delivery fee. (Plus an additional $7 for any deliveries that include alcohol.)

Where is Shipt available?

Same-day delivery is available in hundreds of US cities. See the list of Shipt cities to see if your neighborhood is included.

More Ways to Have Food Delivered

Grocery delivery apps are great, but you should also look into meal subscription boxes. If you hate dealing with the whole process of filling out your cart, a meal subscription box can make your life easier by sending you ready-made meals every week.