10 Oculus Quest Accessories to Make Your VR Gaming Sessions Even Better

The Oculus Quest is pretty amazing on its own, but it can be even better with a few nifty accessories.
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In my first impressions of the Oculus Quest, I raved about how this device is ushering in a turning point for consumer VR and how I’m now a believer in virtual reality as a form of household entertainment for the masses. But as awesome as the Oculus Quest is, it can be even better if you add a few more accessories on top of it.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: the Oculus Quest itself already cost you $400, and you’ve had to pay even more to buy games to play, so you may not exactly be in the mood to purchase even more stuff. As a penny-pincher myself, I’m with you—but the Oculus Quest does have a few minor flaws that can be rectified with a little bit of extra cash, and there’s a world of difference between a stock Quest and a decked out Quest as far as comfort and fun factor are concerned.

If you can allow yourself a bit of budget room for some Oculus Quest accessories, here are the ones I recommend in order of most essential to least essential.

1. Mamut Touch Grip Covers

One of the issues I’ve run into with the Oculus Touch controllers that come with the Oculus Quest is that the battery covers tend to slip off when I’m playing something physically intense (like Beat Saber). The controllers are also a bit small for my hands—my hands aren’t all that big, by the way—so they can get uncomfortable during long VR gaming sessions.

The Mamut Touch Grip Covers provide four huge benefits: 1) they slip over the controllers and hold the battery covers in place, 2) they add more girth to the controllers for a more comfortable grip, 3) they’re textured so they won’t slip out even when your hands are sweaty, and 4) they have “knuckle wraps” that keep the controllers secure in your hands, allowing you to forego the annoying wrist straps if you don’t want to use them.

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2. Rechargeable AA (4-Pack) with Quick Charger

The AA batteries that come with the Oculus Touch controllers are going to die within a week, depending on how often you play. Once they’re dead, do yourself a favor and grab a four-pack of rechargeable AA batteries and a quick charger. This will let you rotate sets of two every few days as they die, and the last thing you want to do is constantly buy disposable AAs.

Most rechargeables will work just fine, but I highly recommend Eneloop. They have a great track record when it comes to rechargeable AAs, particularly in the photography world where these batteries are used to power speedlights (external flashes). You don’t want to cheap out on batteries, as you never know what can go wrong with them.

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3. Microfiber Cleaning Cloths (6-Pack)

Your Oculus Quest lenses are going to get dirty. No matter how careful you are, you’re going to accidentally smudge them with your fingers, or your hair is going to brush them and leave oil residue on them. And even if you do nothing, they’ll collect dust over time.

These microfiber cleaning cloths are cheap and effective. You don’t really need more than one, but it’s good to have backups in case they become unusable for some reason, or if you want to wash them in bulk instead of washing one every week, or if you have multiple headsets.

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4. Power Bank (10000 PD)

The one major flaw in the Oculus Quest is its unbalanced weight. It’s way too front heavy, and the straps aren’t designed well enough to distribute that weight across your entire head. This causes aching cheeks, aching foreheads, and general discomfort during long VR gaming sessions.

A small power bank like the Anker PowerCore 10000 PD can solve this issue: simply fasten it to the back of the Oculus Quest’s rear head cradle so that it acts as a counterweight. All you need are some velcro straps or zip ties or even some heavy-duty rubber bands.

As a bonus, you can now plug your Oculus Quest into the power bank for even longer battery life. Make sure you get the “PD” version of the Anker power bank, which stands for “Power Delivery” and ensures that it will charge your headset even as you play. You’ll also need a compatible cable, such as this AmazonBasics 3A USB-C-to-USB-A Cable.

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5. Oculus Quest In-Ear Headphones

Note that the Oculus Quest has headphones jacks on both sides, one on the left and one on the right. You can use any regular pair of headphones or earphones with a single jack, but the long cables may interfere with immersion as you play.

The official Oculus Quest in-ear headphones are a pair of mono earphones, with each one plugging into the jacks on either side. The cable length of each side is just short enough to reach your ear, so it doesn’t dangle and get in the way.

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If budget is an issue, you could opt for the Spectrashell OQ9 Earphones which are also short-length and mono and can be used in the same way.

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6. Oculus Quest Travel Case

If you’re using the Quest strictly in your home, you probably don’t need a case. But if you’re taking it on the road when you travel, or if you want to show it off to friends and family, then you need a travel case. Don’t risk damaging your investment just because you cheaped out on a case.

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The official case by Oculus is pretty good, but it’s too small if you want to include a battery pack and/or counterweight. Another good option is the JSVER VR Headset Carrying Case, which works perfectly for an Oculus Quest plus accessories. The only downside is that it’s a little big, but that’s a worthy trade-off.

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7. Infrared LED Light (Optional)

Having tracking issues? Want to play in the dark? Both of these issues can potentially be solved by incorporating an infrared (IR) light source in your play area. The Oculus Quest’s tracking system is based on light, and infrared light works just as well while being invisible to the human eye.

This particular Tendelux model is the smallest option on offer, but should be more than enough for most play areas. If, for some reason, you need even more infrared light coverage, Tendelux has a 120-feet variant and a 200-feet variant.

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8. ProTubeVR Rifle Frame (Optional)

If you’re a fan of Oculus Quest shooter games, you need the ProTubeVR Rifle Frame. There’s nothing worse than trying to freehand a two-handed rifle, SMG, or shotgun in a shooter game—any shooter game—because the accuracy just isn’t there. Too much jitter and it just doesn’t feel natural.

The ProTubeVR Rifle Frame is a solid configuration that emulates the feel of a rifle, with cups that hold both controllers. You can adjust the cup positions to your comfort, and the Rifle Frame itself can be customized on order. I recommend upgrading to the magnetic cups, which smoothly attach and detach from the frame, allowing for convenient reloads and what not.

Note: The cups are not big enough to fit the controllers with the Mamut Touch Grips mentioned above. Fortunately, the Mamut Touch Grips are very easy to slip off, so it’s an inconvenience but not a huge one if you decide to get both the Mamut and the ProTubeVR.

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9. Interface Replacement (Optional)

The stock Oculus Quest comes with a padded foam interface that can be removed and hand washed for hygiene. It’s good enough, but it isn’t the most comfortable thing to have rubbing on your face, and the cleaning routine leaves you unable to play while waiting for it to air dry.

This VR Cover replacement interface is made of PU leather, which feels softer on the skin (it doesn’t put as much pressure on the forehead or the cheeks) and can be wiped with a wet cloth, so it doesn’t ever need to be washed. It comes in two sizes, and snaps onto the Oculus Quest after removing the stock interface. However, it is NOT compatible with the glasses spacer that comes with the Oculus Quest.

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10. Studioform Deluxe Strap (Optional)

If you’ve done all you can to improve the comfort of the Oculus Quest but it’s still causing aches and pains, then you may want to grab one of these deluxe straps by Studioform.

It’s an extra strap that you attach between the left head strap and the right head strap, so that the Studioform strap sits directly on top of your head. This design redistributes the weight of the headset from the front of your face to the top of your head, making it much more comfortable for both short and longer sessions.

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