The 8 Most Relaxing VR Games to Help You Chill Out

Tired of living a stressful reality? Escape your worries in one of these relaxing VR games.
The 8 Most Relaxing VR Games to Help You Chill Out

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Virtual reality has more to offer than high-stress shooters and adrenaline-fueled adventure games. While these action-packed games are a lot of fun to play, they require tons of energy and concentration.

Leaving your hectic life for an equally hectic VR game isn't always ideal. Instead of stressing yourself out, take a break and play these relaxing VR games.

8. Industrial Petting

Industrial Petting is almost like a VR version of Slime Rancher. In this casual VR game, you take on the role of a pet engineer on a distant planet. You're tasked with befriending the planet's native animals in order to sell them as pets on the galactic market.

To keep these creatures happy, you must build petting factories and farm vegetables to feed them. When the animals meet the happiness criteria, you can sell them as pets.

7. Fujii

Fujii transports you to a mystical world that's full of natural beauty. You'll get to experience three different biomes that each have different types of environments and plants. Watering and interacting with the biome's plants can bring them back to life.

During your journey, you can collect seeds that you can bring back to your own garden. Even when you complete the game's story, you can still tend to your garden and chill out with your companion gnome.

6. Koral

Become one with the sea, as you take on the role of an ocean current in Koral. All of the action takes place underwater, where you'll solve puzzles to revive beautiful coral reefs.

Koral contains 15 unique seascapes that you're free to explore and heal. You can expect to complete this breathtaking game in about three hours, however, it'll take you a bit longer if you want to find all 32 collectibles.

5. Horizon Beyond

In Horizon Beyond, you become the pilot of an airship. You'll discover a mysterious world that exists above the clouds, all while searching for a key. Along the way, you can catch fish, feed pelicans, and interact with other creatures.

This game only takes about 20 minutes to complete, but don't worry—it's completely free.

4. Catch & Release

There's no rush in Catch & Release. This relaxing VR game lets you get out on the water and spend the day fishing. You'll man your rowboat atop a mountain lake, while casually casting your line into the blue waters.

You can opt to sit and fish as long as you want, or complete the in-game missions to unlock more gear. When you're ready to take a break from fishing, skip stones across the lake or listen to the tunable radio.

3. Explore Fushimi Inari

Ever wanted to see the tranquil shrine of Fushimi Inari? Explore Fushimi Inari plants you in Kyoto, Japan, where you'll get to take in the sights of a beautiful Japanese shrine.

The free-to-play game closely models the actual Fushimi Inari Taisha, immersing you in its peaceful environment. Stroll through the shrine in virtual reality, and make sure to take the time to snap photos and explore hidden areas.

2. SpaceEngine

SpaceEngine is the closest you can get to exploring outer space without ever setting foot in a real rocketship. This game presents a science-based view of the entire universe, in which all planets, galaxies, stars, and nebulae are accurately scaled.

Travel millions of lightyears to distant planets and black holes, or speed up time to witness a planet's orbit. As you fly through space, you'll stare in awe at its vastness, even if it is just virtual reality.

1. Tilt Brush

Google's Tilt Brush turns your environment into a canvas. While you hold your virtual palette in one hand, you create 3D drawings with the other.

Choose from dozens of different brushes that allow you to paint with solid colors, as well as with unconventional mediums like fire, light, and stars.

That said, you don't have to be Van Gogh to enjoy Tilt Brush. The act of creating 3D art from a blank slate is relaxing no matter how much artistic skill you have.

Achieve Relaxation Through VR

VR lets you trade in your reality for something totally different. When you're surrounded by a virtual peace and tranquility, you'll soon find that reflected in your physical reality.