Get Healthy by Gaming: The 10 Best VR Games for Fitness

Would you rather run on a treadmill or become a virtual gladiator? Find out how you can use VR for your workouts.
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You don’t have to drag yourself to the gym or go for daily repetitive jogs in order to get in shape. Instead of torturing yourself on the treadmill, why not work out in the comfort of your own home?

Sorry, these home workouts don’t involve unitards or Richard Simmons, but I promise that they’re just as fun. The next time you put on your VR headset, check out these awesome VR games for fitness.

1. Gorn

If you really hate working out, you’ll enjoy the gladiator simulator, Gorn. As you put on your headset, you’ll find yourself in a ring with nothing but your fists and a few weapons. Meaty, shirtless men will start pouring into the ring—some of them come equipped with armor and deadly weapons. Fight your way to victory as you create the ultimate bloodbath.

At its core, Gorn is definitely not a fitness game. However, all the punches you throw and maces you swing give you a real workout. Clocking someone in the head with a spiked bat is also a great way to blow off some steam.

2. Beat Saber

Nothing goes together better than exercise and music. Wield two sabers and swing them to the rhythm of the beat. Beat Saber is another one of those great games that give you a secret workout.

The beats of the music come in the form of cubes. Your goal is to use the correct saber to cut the cube in the right direction. The specially composed music will have you bopping to the beat as you keep slashing away. Just make sure to avoid any incoming obstacles!


Bring out your inner Muhammed Ali as you box through each challenging level. BOXVR is formulated to give you an intense calorie-burning workout. Punch orbs as they float towards you, and dodge any barriers that try to ruin your punching streak.

Warm up with three-minute workouts, and then do some serious punching in BOXVR’s 20-minute sessions. As you complete workouts, BOXVR will track the number of calories you’ve burned. Don’t forget to put on some of your favorite music when you start your workout.

4. HoloBall

HoloBall takes the game of squash to an extreme. Try to outsmart the super skilled AI, as you attempt to smash the ball past your opponent. If you ever get bored of playing against AI, enlist a friend as your opponent or find some competition in online multiplayer.

You’ll definitely start to feel winded after waving your paddles around during each level. The synthesized music and your determination to win will keep you hooked on this game for hours.

5. Knockout League

Knockout League is basically VR’s equivalent to Punch Out. It provides a phenomenal workout and pits you against humans instead of orbs or cubes. You’ll encounter plenty of strange characters, such as an octopus and a mad scientist.

Nail your opponents with powerful punches, while dodging any uppercuts or special attacks. Once you defeat every single character, you’ll officially be named the Knockout League champ.

6. Audioshield

Audioshield has a similar concept to Beat Saber, but instead of slashing cubes, you have to shield yourself from oncoming beats. You’ll burn calories and tone your arms as you use your hands to block the beats.

If you have music on your computer, you can use it with Audioshield. Have a VR rave with k-pop, Skrillex, or even fantasy RPG soundtracks. Audioshield uses music analysis to make the gameplay match the beat of any song. This makes the game even more addicting—you’ll want to find out the challenges that every song has in store.

7. Hot Squat

Enter Flynn Fitness, a 90s-style gym, where pawn-like people lift weights with ease. In Hot Squat, there’s only one goal: do as many squats as humanly possible.

You stand on a platform, while an infinite amount of screens fly towards you. As the screens get closer, you must squat to avoid being pummeled by them. This goes on for as long as you can take it. Your thighs will burn, and you’ll regret all of your life choices, but at least you’ll have buns of steel by the time you’re done.

8. Sprint Vector

Ever wanted to compete in a triathlon? Sprint Vector puts a spin on a typical road race—instead of lacing up your sneakers, you’ll step into futuristic vector blades that propel you forward. Compete against other players from around the world, and race on 12 complex tracks.

Sprint Vector has an array of unique and colorful characters that you can play as. Engage your whole body as you jump, dodge, fly, and climb your way to the finish line.

9. Fruit Ninja VR

You’ve probably played Fruit Ninja on your smartphone at some point in your life. However, that only gives your fingers a workout. Try Fruit Ninja VR instead, and get your arms moving.

Slice fruit with your katana, as you try to avoid hitting any bombs. Engage both arms by dual-wielding blades, and rack up a new high score. When you get tired of classic mode, see how many fruits you can slice in 60 seconds in Arcade Mode, or test your ninja skills in the intense Survival Mode.

10. Sword Master

Sword Master is all about movement. Engage your opponent in realistic 360-degree swordplay in this hellish medieval environment. Dodge your opponent’s jabs and slashes as you look for an opening to make your move.

Ensure that you have enough room while you play. When you’re in the zone, it’s easy to accidentally slap your monitor or trip over cords.

Who Needs the Gym?

When you have a VR system, you don’t need to bother going to the gym. Don’t work out in a crowded sweaty environment—transport yourself into medieval times, a Roman Colosseum, or even a fruit-filled dojo. Treadmills have nothing on virtual sword-wielding.

If VR isn’t in your budget right now, check out these cheap and free ways to try VR before you invest in a more expensive system.

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