The 6 Best Story-Driven Virtual Reality Games

A VR game just isn’t complete without a riveting storyline. These story-rich VR games combine amazing visuals with an engaging plot.

You don’t necessarily need a story in order for a VR game to be immersive. The visuals alone are enough to transport you to an entirely different environment.

However, when these detailed visuals are combined with a story, something amazing happens. You’ll soon feel like a citizen of another world—it’s the ultimate escape from reality.

If you want to spend some time away from the real world, these story-rich VR games will absorb you for hours.

1. Half-Life Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx is an impressive addition to the Half-Life series, adding even more excitement to the overarching storyline. Since its story takes place before Half-Life 2, make sure you’ve played the previous Half-Life games to get the full experience of Half-Life: Alyx.

You play as Alyx, the daughter of scientist Eli Vance. During the five years before the events of Half-Life 2, a powerful alien race known as the Combine has increased its tight grip over the entire Earth.

Half-Life Alyx immerses you in the game’s rich storyline, as you solve puzzles, fight aliens, and interact with your world.

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2. Moss

Moss is primarily a third-person VR game, meaning you don’t see directly through the main character’s eyes. Instead, you stand on the outside of the gameplay, but that doesn’t make Moss any less magical.

You’ll take control of Quill, an adorable mouse who awakens the ancient power of a Glass Relic. When her uncle gets captured, you must guide Quill through puzzles and dangerous environments.

Moss is presented in the form of a storybook, and Quill is completely aware of you as the player. This makes the connection between you and Quill even stronger, despite the fact that it’s third-person. Learn more about it in our Moss review.

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3. Lone Echo

If you happen to own an Oculus Rift, you need to play Lone Echo. This riveting VR game takes you to a mining station located within Saturn’s rings.

Your character, Jack, is an advanced AI who’s assigned the task of assisting Captain Olivia Rhodes. Together, you must unravel the dangerous secrets lingering in space.

And yes, this game is exactly as cool as it sounds—Lone Echo comes outfitted with a realistic space station, usable equipment, and detailed views of outer space.

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4. The Solus Project

The Solus Project is a lonely journey of survival. It takes place following the destruction of Earth, a time when humans have been forced to make their homes in spaceships near Pluto.

It’s your job to explore a far-away planet as a potential home for humans. Unfortunately, your ship crashlands on the planet, leaving you as the sole survivor of your crew.

Now that you’re completely alone, have no equipment, and can’t contact your fellow humans, you must figure out how to survive the planet’s harsh conditions, while also confronting its mysteries.

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5. The Talos Principle VR

The Talos Principle gets even more immersive in this VR port, making it worthy of a second playthrough if you’ve already completed it in its original form. When you put on your headset, you’ll find yourself inside an environment with a strange combination of ancient ruins and futuristic technology.

As your creator gives you a series of complicated puzzles to solve, you’re also faced with burning questions about your own identity and purpose. You get to choose your path through this non-linear world—that means picking which puzzles to solve first and coming up with your own conclusions.

Talos Principle VR has full roomscale support, which allows you to utilize your entire living space to manipulate time, guide laser beams, and deter drones.

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6. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice VR Edition

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is another story-rich VR game that uses a third-person perspective. It was also originally a non-VR title, but the VR version gives you an intense experience you just can’t get from the flat version.

The story follows Senua, a Celtic warrior hailing from the Orkney Islands during the time of the Vikings. When she sets out to save her lover from Nordic hell, you’ll quickly learn that mythological monsters aren’t the only battles Senua faces.

Senua believes the voices she hears in her head are the products of a curse, but she actually has psychosis. The developers behind the game teamed up with mental health experts, giving you a realistic depiction of what it’s like to have the condition.

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Story-Rich Games Make VR Even Better

An engaging story brings VR games to the next level. While VR gameplay alone is fun, it’s clear that a story makes it even better.

For a less complex VR experience, check out these relaxing VR games that will help you chill out.

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