The 5 Rarest Amiibo for True Collectors

Like any collectible, some Amiibo are more valuable than others. In fact, some are a lot more valuable.
The 5 Rarest Amiibo for True Collectors

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When Nintendo launched Amiibo, it knew exactly what it was doing. The company created cute little figures of its most beloved characters that could actually interact with games in various ways.

The idea was clearly a gold mine, and it has proven to be quite successful for the Japanese video game firm.

While most Amiibo are mass produced to the point that there are more out there than people who want to buy them, that isn't always the case. Like any collectible, some Amiibo are more valuable than others. In fact, some are a lot more valuable.

1. Two Cannons Samus

This is without question the holy grail for Amiibo collectors.

While the Amiibo has sold for as much as $2,500 at some points in time, right now it still sits atop the Amiibo throne with a value of around $500 for a sealed figure and around $380 for an opened one, which is just nuts.

The reason it's so valuable should be obvious to Nintendo fans: Samus only has one cannon in any of her appearances. This is a defect, and as such, it's quite hard to find.

It's so rare, in fact, that there doesn't seem to be a single one for sale online as of this writing, so if you have one, consider yourself among the lucky few.

2. Mega Green Yarn Yoshi

Value aside, who wouldn't want to have an adorable, giant yarn Yoshi in their Amiibo collection?

While it's easily among the cutest Amiibo ever produced, it's also one of the rarest and most valuable, coming in at number two. Currently, a new one is valued at around $130, while an opened figure sells for about $90.

The reason this Amiibo is so rare is that it was Toys R Us exclusive, so it wasn't available to as many collectors as a standard Amiibo.

If you have one of these in your Amiibo collection, count yourself double lucky, since you have a figure that's both cute and valuable!

3. Callie and Marie 2-Pack

This is another crazy valuable Amiibo, though at least with this one, you actually get two for your money. For fans of Splatoon (or Amiibo in general), this is definitely a two-pack you need to get your hands on.

Opened, they sell for just a bit less than Yoshi, coming in at $85. However, for a new one, you're looking at closer to $135, so it's actually a toss-up which one is more valuable.

As soon as Splatoon 2 was announced, these shot up in value, and since there hasn't been a reprint yet, they've maintained that value. It's hard to say if this will maintain the high price, but for the time being, this pack of Amiibo is definitely one you'll want to have proudly displayed in your collection.

4. Gold Mega Man

Who doesn't want to own a gold Mega Man figure? The Blue Bomber is looking quite a bit more shiny in his gold garb, and like all things gold, this is quite a bit more valuable than your run-of-the-mill Amiibo.

Currently, a new one is selling for around $85, while an opened unit is going for just a pinch over $67.

Obviously, the reason this one costs so much more than a standard Mega Man Amiibo is the fact that it is gold. The gold version was sold exclusively in the Mega Man Collector's Edition, and once those were gone, so were the beautiful gold figures.

5. Splatoon 3-Pack (Alt Colors)

Here we have another pack of Amiibo from the popular game Splatoon. Currently, the alternate colors pack is selling for around $76 new, which is a pretty solid value.

The reason this one is more valuable is because of the alternate color scheme. They made fewer of them than the normal color, so there are far fewer out there.

What's Your Rarest Amiibo?

How many of these Amiibo do you have in your collection? Did you manage to get them for a good price, or did you have to buy them after the fact at the higher value?

Either way, if you own these Amiibo, you're one of the lucky collectors, because these are definitely sought after, and some of them are only going to become harder to find as time goes on!