The 7 Best Free Nintendo Switch Games Worth Playing

The Nintendo Switch is loaded with free games that are worth playing!

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It wasn’t long ago that the very idea of getting video games for free seemed impossible. Before the rise of iOS and Android, just about every video game out there cost at least a few dollars. But those days are long gone, and even the Nintendo Switch is loaded with free games that are worth playing.

These fantastic Nintendo Switch games are so good that you’ll forget that they’re free in the first place!

1. Fortnite

There’s probably not much I can say about Fortnite that hasn’t been said elsewhere. In case you haven’t been paying any attention, Fortnite is an incredibly popular battle royale game where all the players fly into the level at once and try to be the last player alive. You’ll be looting and building along the way, which makes the gameplay interesting and varied.

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2. Tetris 99

Tetris 99 is a free game that came out of nowhere. Without warning, Nintendo dropped a battle royale-style game where players battle it out on a Tetris board instead of with guns. It’s a weird concept, but for anyone looking for a new way to experience the beloved puzzle game, it’s perfect. If you’ve never experienced the joy of Tetris before, Tetris 99 is the perfect way to jump in.

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3. Warframe

If you’re a fan of shooters where your characters have powers beyond their guns, Warframe is the perfect game for you. It will scratch a similar itch to games like Destiny 2, but it won’t cost a penny to play—sure, there are plenty of ways to spend money in the game, but technically all characters and weapons can be earned with enough time and effort. In terms of quantity of gameplay, Warframe is an absurd value.

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4. Pokemon Quest

No, Nintendo didn’t release a traditional Pokemon game for free on the Switch while you weren’t looking, but it did put out this cool Minecraft-looking Pokemon game without charging a penny. The gameplay is quite different from full Pokemon games, but as a freebie, it’s definitely worth a try. If nothing else, it’s worth playing just to see your most beloved Pokemon in a completely new art style.

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5. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is actually a mobile game that was ported over to the Nintendo Switch. Not much has changed about the gameplay, but if you’re a fan of management games, you’ll like Fallout Shelter. No, it’s not a full-fledged Fallout game, but it’s the type of game you can drop in and play for a bit and move on.

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6. Brawlhalla

Do you love the gameplay style of Super Smash Bros but don’t want to spend the money on it? Brawlhalla features a similar style of platform fighting, but it won’t cost you a penny to get in and start playing. There are plenty of interesting characters to mess with, and the gameplay feels incredibly solid.

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7. Galak Z: Variant S

Galak Z: Variant S blends elements of old-school side-scrolling shoot-em-up games with the trappings of an RPG. It’s not the sort of game you’d expect to get for free, but that hasn’t stopped Nintendo! The gameplay will excite you while the upgrade mechanics will keep you playing for an extended period of time.

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Free… It’s the Best Price!

When it comes to value, you can’t beat getting a game for free. In a world where just about every piece of entertainment seems to cost an arm and leg, the idea of getting something you can spend hours and hours on without opening your wallet is an exciting proposition!

Whether you want a shooter, a puzzle game, an RPG, an old-school game, or just about anything, the Nintendo Switch has you covered.

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