The 10 Best Netflix Original Series You Might Have Overlooked

Netflix has put out a lot of original series, and some of the best ones flew under the radar. Don’t miss these awesome Netflix Original series.

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Ever since House of Cards—the very first Netflix Original series—took the world by storm when it released in 2013, Netflix has become a giant series-producing factory.

In the past few years, Netflix has commissioned more and more original series, expanding production and stretching the limits of their budget. Yet despite having a head start, Netflix is slowly losing ground to competing services like Disney+, Peacock, and Amazon Prime Video.

And that just puts more pressure for more original series.

Everybody already knows about the big Netflix Original series like The Witcher and Stranger Things, but there are so many others that flew under the radar and remain criminally underappreciated.

Isn’t it time to revisit the ones you missed? Here are some of the best Netflix Original series you might have overlooked.

10. Godless

Godless was a big series for Netflix, there’s no doubt about that. The production design and feel of this miniseries showed audiences that serious money had been spent here.

The great shame about Godless is that it was supposed to be the Western series that made Westerns cool again. With multi-talented Oscar-nominated creator Scott Frank at the helm, along with the incredible cast, Godless should’ve been special for Netflix.

However, it wasn’t the hit it should’ve been. The writing, the direction, the performances by Jack O’Connell, Michelle Dockery, and Jeff Daniels were great—but, for whatever reason, it wasn’t an Umbrella Academy-sized success for Netflix.

9. Love, Death + Robots

It’s hard to look at Love, Death + Robots in the same context as the other series on this list, primarily because it’s an anthology of short films rather than one cohesive story.

Love, Death + Robots is entirely animated, but animated by different teams for each short project. Netflix simply provides the anthology format so they can share their shorts as one.

David Fincher and Tim Miller are the masterminds behind the series and are the ones responsible for bringing all of these stories together. If you’re in the mood for seeing a hodgepodge of animated sci-fi stories, Love, Death + Robots is as good as it gets.

8. The Chef Show

The feel-good movie Chef was a huge hit that took in $48 million against its budget of $11 million. So, when director Jon Favreau pitched this spin-off series where he and Roy Choi (the chef who taught him for the film) go around and learn about food…

…of course, Netflix said yes!

The Chef Show is fun and informative as its hosts look at all different kinds of cuisine from all over the world. The series is already on its second season and it’s a great watch for foodies who want an easygoing look at the world of cooking.

Both Roy Choi and Jon Favreau are delightful on the show, and they bring along some great guests to help them cook sometimes. The likes of Robert Downey Jr., Bill Burr, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tom Holland, and Robert Rodriguez have all made appearances.

7. Bonding

Bonding is a series that was made for a more niche audience. Obviously, a show about two friends who work together in sexual humiliation is never going to be a massive success. Netflix knew that.

That said, Bonding is wickedly funny and smartly written without leaving anything out. It isn’t a show purely based on the concept of BDSM and the underground world of sexual nuances. Rather, it’s about liberation, coming to terms with oneself, and paying the rent.

For those who are skeptical, Bonding is a massively underrated romp—and it comes in fast-paced 20-minute episodes. Perfect if you’re in need of something quick to watch every once in a while.

6. Love

Love was a modest hit for Netflix, though many ended up ignoring it because it appeared to be a simple elongated romantic comedy about two opposites who fall in love.

But Love is more than that. It’s a hard look at the realities of 21st century relationships, sexual desires, and drug and alcohol abuse.

Both Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust are fantastic in the series. They really bring Mickey and Gus to life as two insecure people who find comfort in one another—and who ultimately want to be loved for who they are inside, not for the social masks they put on.

5. Derek

Ricky Gervais normally concentrates on big laughs with a dash of emotion, but he totally flips the script with Derek.

The premise of the show revolves around Derek Noakes, an autistic man who works at a nursing home for the elderly and often tries to find the best in any situation he and his friends find themselves in.

Derek does a wonderful job of highlighting the struggles of those who look after the elderly and the hard decisions they have to make every day to ensure the best care for the residents.

It’s this empathetic tone that strikes a chord with those who love the series, and it was proof that Ricky Gervais really does have a heart beneath all the usual biting satire.

4. Disenchantment

Matt Groening will always be the man who forever changed the landscape of TV with The Simpsons. His place in TV history has been assured for almost 30 years now.

So, when Netflix announced a new Netflix Original series in collaboration with Matt Groening, there was excitement.

Disenchantment is about a young Princess named Tiabeanie and her drunken antics through Dreamland. Along with her personal demon (Luci) and her Elf buddy (Elfo), they go on hilarious adventures through the mythical kingdom.

The show is actually very good and has been a modest success for Netflix, though not the animated hit that many thought it would be.

3. I Am Not Okay With This

Brutally cancelled after just one season, I Am Not Okay With This had a fantastic first outing that showed real promise.

It follows a high school student named Sydney who, after losing her father, realizes that she can control things with her mind. Though her emotions often get the better of her, she tries to control her abilities while being secretly watched by a mysterious figure.

The show was initially renewed for a second season, but then canceled following complications caused by the global crisis. While there may not be any future for Sydney on Netflix, there is still hope among fans that it will return on another service.

2. Sunderland ‘Til I Die

As far as soccer documentaries are concerned, Sunderland ‘Til I Die sets the gold standard. It follows the North-East English football team Sunderland AFC as they aim to have a successful season, while navigating the pitfalls of failure and the modern game.

Sunderland ‘Til I Die has everything: heartbreak, drama, intrigue, shifty villains and more. Few shows offer the same harsh realities of sports as this one does, making it one of the more unique Netflix Original series.

The series’ main competition comes from Amazon Prime and their own documentaries on major sports teams, though none of those went as deep into the culture of the club as Netflix did at Sunderland.

1. Maniac

When Netflix announced that Emma Stone and Jonah Hill would be getting together for the first time since Superbad, this isn’t exactly the show that most people had in mind—but people loved it.

Maniac revolves around two depressed people who volunteer for a drug trial and end up becoming connected during the experimental testing. It’s a fascinating journey through their shared subconscious, which is equally funny and disturbing at times.

Just don’t expect an out-and-out comedy going into this one. It’s a drama, and a seriously good one. The creative team and the cast are excellent all around, and you’ll get to see new sides of both Emma Stone and Jonah Hill in this Netflix Original series.

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