How to Unlock More DIY Recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Do you feel as if you've run out of DIY recipes? Follow along with these tips to add more recipes to your workbench.
How to Unlock More DIY Recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Having a large library of DIY recipes is crucial to beautifying your Animal Crossing island and home. Without a solid variety of recipes, it's impossible to craft the items that make your island stand out.

Want to get your hands on more unique DIY recipes? Take a look at these tips, and you'll have more DIY recipes in no time.

1. Check Your Villagers' Houses

Next time you see that one of your villagers is home, make sure to stop by. You just might catch them while they're working hard at their crafting table.

Simply start talking to the villager, and they'll always ask if you want to learn the recipe they're working on (unless you already know it). Accept their offer, and you'll have a brand new DIY recipe!

2. Pick Up Bottled Messages on the Beach

Every day, you'll find one message bottle washed up on your island's shores. The bottle contains a DIY recipe sent out from a distant villager. It's an easy and fast way to get one new DIY recipe every day.

If you're itching for more recipes, you'll also find bottles washed ashore when you embark on Mystery Island Tours.

3. Buy Recipes From Nook's Cranny

The DIY recipes offered at Nook's Cranny are worth your bells—several recipes are tucked away inside Nook Cranny's cabinets.

Besides the simple crafting recipes Timmy and Tommy offer, you can also buy sets of DIY recipes. The Wildest Dreams DIY and Test Your DIY Skill each contain several bundled recipes.

4. Purchase Recipes Using Nook Miles

Exchanging your Nook Miles for DIY recipes is another quick way to add to your crafting collection. At the Nook Stop Kiosk, you'll find several DIY recipes available for purchase—the recipes found here are ideal for decorating your island.

5. Pop Balloons

You can easily spot balloons flying overhead by keeping a close watch on the sky, and by listening closely. The sound of blowing wind always precedes a floating balloon—this is your cue to get your slingshot ready.

The presents carried by the balloons can contain all sorts of goodies. Not only can you find DIY recipes, but you might also come across bells, furniture, and clothes.

Several balloons spawn each hour, so there's plenty of time for you to go on a balloon-popping rampage.

6. Let the Recipes Come to You

You don't always need to search for DIY recipes—sometimes the recipes come to you. Certain conditions, like picking up a specific item, will let you learn a new DIY recipe.

For example, if you fish an empty can out of the ocean or river, you'll uncover the DIY recipe for a succulent plant.

Similarly, you can also learn the recipe for medicine by talking to a villager after getting stung by wasps.

7. Search for Celeste

Celeste, Blathers' star-gazing sister, is often found wandering your island at night. Every time you talk to her, she'll give you a different astronomy-related recipe.

All of these recipes require Star Fragments, which you'll need to collect from a shooting star or meteor shower.

8. Visit Your Friends' Islands

You can find DIY recipes on your friends' islands in the same way that you do on your own. Once you land on their island, check if any of their villagers are crafting in their homes. These residents will also offer their DIY recipes to you!

9. Participate in Special Events

Every Animal Crossing player has already been scarred by the hectic Bunny Day event, a 12-day period when annoying Bunny Day recipes invaded the whole island.

However, other special events and holidays are still a great way to score more DIY recipes.

When a special event occurs, Isabelle will notify you via the daily announcement. During an event, you can usually obtain any related recipe from Isabelle or Tom Nook.

More Crafting Fun on the Switch

Unfortunately, you can't expect to maximize your crafting recipes in just one day. Waiting for balloons, checking in on residents, and finding bottled messages will help you slowly increase your DIY collection.