7 Pokemon Go Secrets You Have to Try

Pokemon Go has some hidden glitches that you might not know about. Try these out on your next Pokemon catching trip!
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You play Pokemon Go every time you leave the house. Despite the hundreds of times you’ve launched your Pokeball, you still haven’t discovered the app’s hidden gems.

Once you uncover these secrets, there’s no going back. Here are some of Pokemon Go‘s most prominent glitches that you need to know about.

1. Use Pikachu as Your Starter Pokemon

Games in the Pokemon series never allow you to start out with Pikachu, and the same goes for Pokemon Go. However, you can finally fulfill your dreams of becoming Ash Ketchum with this hack.

When you start up Pokemon Go, you’re forced to choose Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander as your starter Pokemon—or so you think.

You actually don’t have to use these generic Pokemon, so just ignore them. That’s right, once you turn down these Pokemon at least four times, Pikachu should appear on your map. As soon as you spot the little yellow guy, make sure to zoom in and catch him.

2. Give Pikachu a Piggy-Back Ride

Who doesn’t want a Pikachu on their shoulder? Using Pokemon Go‘s Buddy System can make your avatar carry Pikachu on its shoulder.

If you don’t already know, the Buddy System allows you to walk with a Pokemon, and eventually get that Pokemon’s candy. When you buddy-up with Pikachu, he’ll appear on your shoulder after you walk 10km with him.

3. Choose Eevee’s Evolution

Pokemon Go prevents you from choosing what Eevee will evolve into. With this Easter egg, that’s not the case.

Do you know the names of all the Eevees in the Pokemon animated series? If you can’t remember, here’s a quick refresher:

  • Sakura – Espeon
  • Sparky – Jolteon
  • Tamao – Umbreon
  • Pyro – Flareon
  • Rainer – Vaporeon

In order to plan your Eevee’s evolution, give it one of the above names before it evolves. For example, if you want your Eevee to evolve into Jolteon, you’ll have to name it “Sparky.”

You can only use this hack for one of each Eevee evolution—you (unfortunately) can’t evolve several of the same types of Eevee one after the other.

4. Play Horizontally

It’s really inconvenient to play Pokemon Go in its default vertical setting, it makes it harder to see the entire map. Fortunately, some clever players have found a way to take advantage of a bug to play in landscape mode.

Hold your phone horizontally before you start playing Pokemon Go. Once you’re on the map screen, head to the main menu icon, and hit the Settings option. Navigate to Report High-Priority Issue, and then tap Yes when it asks if you want to exit the app.

You’ll then get redirected to the reporting page on your internet browser. Since you’re not actually reporting anything, you don’t have to bother waiting for it to load. Make sure you’re still holding the phone horizontally!

Head back to your phone’s home screen, and reopen Pokemon Go. If you followed all the directions, it should display the map in landscape mode. Unfortunately, there are some issues when playing in this mode—keep in mind that certain menus, gym battles, and Pokestops might not display properly.

5. Skip Over Raid Animation

As you probably already know, Pokemon Go will show an animation when you enter a raid. Since raids are time-sensitive, you don’t need an animation sequence slowing you down. If you have a poor connection, it can take you even longer to get into the lobby, making you miss out on all the action.

Instead of waiting for the animation sequence, just skip it. All you have to do is create a team with no members, and then join a raid. From there, select your memberless team and wait until the raid begins to choose your actual team.

After this process, you’ll return to the rejoin screen, and get thrown into the raid without having to watch the animation sequence.

6. Get an Extra Raid Pass

Since you hate paying for apps, you don’t want to use real money to buy a Premium Raid Pass. However, you also don’t want to wait until tomorrow to get another free raid pass either. This trick can get you the free raid pass meant for tomorrow! Please note that this trick works best if you’re located far behind the international dateline—in other words, this doesn’t work for anyone in Australia and Eastern Asia.

To do this, head to your phone’s settings, and change your time zone to an area that’s a day ahead of you (such as Australia or New Zealand). You can then proceed to get tomorrow’s raid pass in the present time. Just remember that you won’t be able to get that same pass tomorrow.

7. Skip Over Catch Animation

Like the raid animation, the catch animation is a time-waster and quickly becomes annoying—especially after you’ve watched it hundreds of times.

To skip over the catch animation, select the Pokemon that you intend to catch. Take the hand that you’re not using to throw, and drag the Pokeball switcher icon from the right side of your screen to the left side. Make sure not to lift your finger up.

With your other hand, throw the Pokeball to catch the Pokemon. When the Pokeball reaches the Pokemon, lift your finger from the switch Pokeball icon. The Pokeball drawer will then appear on your screen—close it and quickly hit Run.

You’ll then return to the map screen. If you did this trick successfully, you’ll still see the Pokemon on your screen, but it should show up in your Pokemon Storage as well.

Did I Miss Any Secrets?

This list contains some of the most reliable glitches in the game, but maybe you had success with other glitches. Let me know which secrets worked for you in the comments below.

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