WhatNerd’s May 2019 Giveaway: $100 Steam Gift Card

This month’s WhatNerd Giveaway is a $100 Steam gift card! Read on to see how you can win.

To be honest, we’re a bit surprised by how many people are reading our articles. WhatNerd has only been around for two months at this point, yet we’ve already have several thousand visitors—and some of you are even engaging with us in the comments.

We’re utterly grateful.

Last month, we gave away a $100 Hulu gift card. This month, we’re giving away a $100 Steam gift card.

I know what you’re thinking: “Another gift card?!” I promise, we’ll start giving away physical prizes soon enough. We’re just sticking to gift cards for now because they’re digital, they’re easy to gift, and they can be sent without incurring any shipping fees. That’s the honest truth.

A $100 Steam gift card is enough to buy several games from the Steam Store, and if you pick wisely, you could get hundreds of hours of entertainment out of it. As of this writing, notable top selling games on Steam include:

  • Cities: Skylines ($30)
  • Factorio ($30)
  • Grand Theft Auto V ($30)
  • Monster Hunter: World ($60)
  • Mortal Kombat 11 ($60)
  • Risk of Rain 2 ($20)
  • Rocket League ($20)
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice ($60)
  • Stardew Valley ($15)
  • Tabletop Simulator ($20)

Note: While our giveaways are open to all, participants must stay subscribed to our WhatNerd Weekly newsletter to be eligible to win.

How to Enter and Win!

WhatNerd: May 2019

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