10 Geeky Halloween Decorations for a Spooky Festive Home

Tired of using the same old Halloween decorations? Switch it up with these geeky Halloween accessories.
10 Geeky Halloween Decorations for a Spooky Festive Home

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The spooky season is upon us. That means you're busy setting up your house for Halloween parties and trick-or-treaters.

Generic witch and ghost decorations are overdone, not to mention lame. What if you could make your Halloween decorations reflect your nerdiness instead? These geeky Halloween decorations will impress all of your visitors.

1. Jello Shot Syringes

These fake syringes are a must-have for your Halloween party. Make the mix for your favorite Jello shot flavor, pour the liquid into the syringes, and stick them into a fridge for a bit.

Once the Jello is ready, whip out the syringes during your party and it'll be a hit. Your friends can use these syringes to "administer" a delicious drink. It's a unique and devious way to have some fun!

2. Baby Yoda Inflatable

The Mandalorian blew up this past year, and the adorable Baby Yoda blossomed into an internet meme sensation. Any fan of the critically acclaimed series should consider adding this Baby Yoda inflatable to their arsenal of Halloween decorations.

Nighttime guests and trick-or-treaters will enjoy the sight of Baby Yoda, and even drivers-by will love the cute sight even if they've never seen the series. This inflatable lights up for an awesome viewing experience at any time of day, and self-inflates for maximum convenience.

3. Pennywise Life-Sized Cardboard Cutout

Now that IT: Chapter 2 has come out, Pennywise the Clown is back in the spotlight. If you really want to freak out your friends, place this life-sized cutout of Pennywise in the window of your home, or get even more sneaky by putting him in a discreet and dark location.

One look into Pennywise's eyes, and you'll get a chill down your spine. It's guaranteed to give you plenty of good laughs and scares.

4. Batman Candy Bowl

Don't feel like greeting trick-or-treaters on Halloween? Pour some candy into Batman's bowl, and stand him on your porch.

Your trick-or-treaters will have tons of fun loading up on candy from Batman himself. Plus, this Batman candy bowl is an adorable Halloween accent for any superhero-lover.

5. Jack Skellington Hanging Decoration

This Jack Skellington decoration (from The Nightmare Before Christmas) isn't very scary, but it's still a creative way to "geekify" your Halloween.

It stands at 72 inches tall, and you can hang it anywhere inside or outside your home. Plus, it's fully poseable—make Jack strike whatever pose you want by bending his arms and legs.

6. Furry Heads+Tails Pumpkin Prop

Almost every geek loves cats, even if it looks a little mangy. This set comes with a cat head and a cat tail, along with two halves of a realistic-looking rat.

Stick each end into a pumpkin, and your pumpkin will look like it has rabies. Carving pumpkins is overrated anyway—this is definitely the easy way out.

7. Skeleton Cat and Rat

Have you ever wondered about the anatomy of your cat? I'm not sure how accurate this phony skeleton is, but it can definitely add some spookiness to your house. It's 14 inches long, with a bendable tail and moveable jaw, and it comes with a 12-inch rat companion.

These skeletons are a perfect addition to an indoor Halloween display. Make them the centerpiece of your dinner table, or use them as accents on a coffee table or windowsill.

8. Creepy Zombie Lawn Stakes

This zombie may not look like the zombies from The Walking Dead, but it's still a frightening addition to your outdoor decor. Set up a haunted graveyard on your front lawn, and stick this poor soul's arms and head into the ground.

Your friends and trick-or-treaters won't expect to brush up against this guy's limbs on their way to your front door!

9. Spooky Inflatable Ghost

You don't have to make all of your Halloween decorations cute or lovable. Sometimes, you just need to add a touch of spookiness to your yard, and what better way to do it than by blowing up this angry ghost and placing it next to your door?

It stands at a massive 8 feet tall, has a self-inflating mechanism, and lights up with built-in LED lights for extra spookiness at night. If you want to scare off small children or timid trick-or-treaters, then this is for you!

10. Nightmare Before Christmas Wall Clock

This hand-painted Nightmare Before Christmas wall clock is the type of decoration that you'll want to display all year round. It's incredibly detailed, and features Jack and Sally as the main focal point.

The cuckoo clock brings The Nightmare Before Christmas to life, and it actually functions as a real clock. Not only does it light up, but it even plays music every hour.

You can also expect to see Zero (Jack's dog) pop out of the house's top doors, just like a cuckoo bird.

Geek Out Your Halloween

This year, don't stick with cheesy, overused decorations—it's time to get creative! Bust out some unique and geeky decor to make your house look the spookiest on your street.

Halloween only comes once a year, so make sure to have some fun with your decor!