The 13 Best Nerdy Christmas Tree Ornaments to Hang This Year

Is your Christmas tree missing an element of geekiness? These nerdy ornaments ought to solve that problem.
Image Credit: Valeria Boltneva/Pexels

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As you set up your Christmas tree, you notice that it’s lacking something. You have lights, tinsel, and a topper. While you do have a collection of ornaments, most of them are generic Christmas balls, with a few hand-me-downs mixed in.

You realize that your tree lacks character—namely, it’s just not geeky enough. Make your tree reflect your personality with these nerdy Christmas ornaments.

1. Ant-Man Ornament

Out of all the ornaments on this list, the Ant-Man ornament is the only one that’s true-to-size. Ant-Man can shrink down to the size of an ant, so it’s not that unlikely that he can become the size of an ornament too. Just hope that he doesn’t call any ants into your house!

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2. Doctor Who TARDIS Ornament

The iconic police box-resembling TARDIS is meant to blend in with its surroundings. When you add some snow and a festive wreath, it makes a subtle reference to Dr. Who that’ll fit in perfectly with your tree.

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3. Star Wars C-3PO and R2-D2 Ornament

Spread some Christmas cheer Star Wars style with this C-3PO and R2-D2 ornament. This adorable ornament gets even better when you activate its motion sensor. As soon as you walk by, you’ll hear the droids warn you not to peek at the presents underneath the tree!

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4. Game of Thrones Daenerys with Dragon Ornament

Hang the dragon-riding Daenerys on your tree, and she’ll look like she’s about to take off. Game of Thrones has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t appreciate the show—adding the Dragon Queen to your tree does just that.

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5. Link Legend of Zelda Ornament

With the re-release of Link’s Awakening, Link has made his way back into the spotlight. The above ornament celebrates the cartoonish art style of The Wind Waker.

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6. Minecraft Ender Dragon Ornament

You’ll find the Ender Dragon at the very end of Minecraft, and it’s definitely a challenge to defeat. While you might not want to pay tribute to one of the most annoying Minecraft enemies, you can’t deny that the Ender Dragon will look epic hanging from one of your tree’s branches.

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7. Pusheen Ugly Sweater Ornament

The chubby cat, Pusheen, adds an element of cuteness to everything she touches. Seeing Pusheen in an ugly Christmas sweater makes her all the more adorable.

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8. Star Wars Millennium Falcon Ornament

Give a shoutout to Star Wars with this Millenium Falcon ornament. This starship, most famously run by Han Solo and Chewbacca, has become a symbol of the Star Wars series. After decorating your tree with the Millenium Falcon, don’t forget to construct its intricate LEGO set as well.

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9. Star Trek Spock Ornament

Maybe you’re not a Star Wars fan—if you’re a Trekkie, I’ve got you covered. Put this ornament on your tree, and Spock will greet all of your holiday guests with “Live long and prosper.”

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10. Stranger Things Eleven Waffle Ornament

Every Stranger Things fan knows why waffles are so important to Eleven—it becomes the food that she lives on after escaping from the lab. This ornament turns Eleven’s waffle obsession into a retro-inspired sign. It’s so clever that you wouldn’t even know that it’s a Stranger Things reference.

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11. Groot Sketchbook Ornament

Groot, the loveable tree alien, is almost everyone’s favorite Guardians of the Galaxy hero. Thankfully, Marvel itself created an ornament of the (even more loveable) Baby Groot that you can add to your tree this year.

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12. The Office Prison Mike Ornament

The Office‘s Michael Scott takes on the role of “Prison Mike” once he figures out one of his employees has been to jail. He portrays a stereotypical prisoner in the most hilarious ways possible, making this particular episode very memorable.

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13. Super Mario Ornament

Take your tree to the next level with this Super Mario Ornament from Hallmark. It features none other than Mario himself, as well as a Warp Pipe. Not to mention that it has a high amount of detail that makes it worth saving for years to come.

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Trick Out Your Christmas Tree

Don’t dress up your tree in the same bland decorations that you used last year. Add a few ornaments from your favorite video game, movie, or TV show to make it a lot more unique.

Now that the holidays are around the corner, you’ve probably gotten an invitation to an ugly sweater party. And don’t get caught without one of these geeky ugly Christmas sweaters at the party!