The 10 Best Mobile Games on Netflix Worth Playing, Ranked

Did you miss it? Netflix now includes games with your subscription, and some of these games are ONLY available on Netflix.
The 10 Best Mobile Games on Netflix Worth Playing, Ranked

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Just a few years ago, streaming services were extremely specialized. You had music streaming services, video streaming services, and game streaming services—with very little overlap.

That's no longer the case. Companies like Amazon, Apple, and Netflix are widening their reach by broadening their offerings.

Indeed, Netflix isn't just for movies and TV shows anymore. You can play games now! Just don't expect anything close to Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus. Think more along the lines of Apple Arcade.

What's surprising is that there are actually some great games on Netflix that are actually worth playing. If you have Netflix, these are included in your plan—so you might as well try them out!

10. Krispee Street

Krispee Street is among the simplest games in the Netflix library, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun. This mobile game, based on the Krispee webcomic, is a hidden object game that has you tracking down people or things based on the clues you're given.

As you solve the easier puzzles, you'll gain power-ups to help you solve even tougher puzzles. That's the main loop of the game, but it's a relaxing and enjoyable experience overall.

9. Shatter: Remastered

Find the right gameplay mechanic and it will stay relevant for years—perhaps even forever. That's the case with Shatter: Remastered, which is a gussied up take on the Atari classic Breakout.

Shatter: Remastered doesn't play it safe or rest on its laurels. While much of its gameplay was established by Breakout and then Arkanoid, it still adds its own unique touches (including boss fights).

8. Wonderputt Forever

Wonderputt Forever is a miniature golf game that takes cues from games like What the Golf?, though this is much more of an actual mini-golf game.

But don't take that to mean this will be a leisurely stroll type of experience. Things will get out of hand and you'll eventually find yourself doing some crazy things—like landing your ball in a submarine.

While it may not quite reach the lofty highs of its inspiration, Wonderputt Forever is a great game for passing the time.

7. Asphalt Xtreme

If you've played more than a few mobile games in your time, then you've probably at least heard of the Asphalt racing series.

Asphalt Xtreme is a Netflix-exclusive iteration of the franchise, and it has much of the same core gameplay that's kept the series so popular.

You can play it in a super casual mode with automatic acceleration and touch controls, or you can opt for the more challenging mode with manual acceleration and tilt controls.

6. Shooting Hoops

Some of the most addictive mobile games are ones that distill the entire experience down to a simple mechanic. For me, Desert Golfing is one of those games, and it kept me hooked for years.

On Netflix, there's a game called Shooting Hoops, and it's extremely addictive in a lot of the same ways.

Don't like basketball? That's fine because the gameplay has very little to do with full-on basketball. Shooting Hoops shares more in common with a game like Flappy Bird.

5. Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story

Riot Games has been steadily expanding the League of Legends universe—if you haven't watched Arcane yet, what are you waiting for?—and Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story is their entry into casual mobile games.

Far detached from the MOBA gameplay of League of Legends and the auto-battler gameplay of Teamfight Tactics, Hextech Mayhem is a wonderfully fun rhythmic platformer. It's pretty forgiving so give it a shot even if you think you're rhythmically challenged!

4. Poinpy

Poinpy is made by the same creator of the underrated hit mobile game Downwell. But whereas Downwell had you descending ever deeper, Poinpy has you climbing—always climbing, up and up.

It may sound like an overly simple premise, but the core gameplay is so smooth, refined, and satisfying that you'll be hooked right away.

Combine that with other gameplay elements like power-ups and Poinpy becomes a game that's hard to put down.

3. Moonlighter

Moonlighter isn't the first game to have you selling items during the day, then raiding dungeons to build up your inventory at night.

That said, it's a solid combination of Zelda-style 2D dungeons and an almost Stardew Valley-lite approach, which is very addictive.

If you love the idea of Stardew Valley but lean more towards the side of dungeon diving than planting seeds and raising animals, then Moonlighter might be the perfect game for you.

2. Immortality

Immortality may be the most fitting choice for a Netflix-published game because it's all about movies.

Ostensibly, you're combing through footage of three never-released films in hopes of finding out what happened to actress Marissa Marcel. Once you start playing, though, you realize something darker is at play.

While Immortality is a great game, certain game mechanics work better with a controller than a touch screen. You can play with a touch screen, but if you have a mobile-compatible controller, now's the time!

1. Into the Breach

Regardless of how you feel about Netflix, we all need to thank the company for bringing Into the Breach to mobile devices.

Into the Breach is a strategy puzzle game that has you focusing on manipulating your enemy's positions than your own. It's tough but fair, and absolutely worth playing (or replaying).

Ever since the game first launched, people have been saying it would be the perfect iPad game. Now that it's finally here, yeah, those people are vindicated: Into the Breach is perfect on tablets.