7 Reasons Why You Need to Listen to Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast

Bill Burr is one of the sharpest and funniest comedians of our time, and his Monday Morning Podcast is as good as comedy podcasts get.
7 Reasons Why You Need to Listen to Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast
Image credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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Bill Burr has made a name for himself as one of the best comedians of the century. His anti-everything style makes him relatable and keeps his audiences hooked from start to end every time.

His podcast exemplifies this further, featuring his brand of comedy on a weekly basis for those who love the comedian. He was one of the first to do it, inspiring contemporaries to also start their own podcasts.

Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast is unfiltered and honest, with Burr talking about his life and opinions while acknowledging that he knows very little about much of what he talks about.

If you haven't checked out the podcast yet, here are several reasons why you should listen to Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast.

1. His Commentary on Current Events

The fun of Bill Burr's podcast comes from the fact that he does it twice a week. Through thick and thin, the comedian regularly delivers his updates on what he thinks of the world while catching up with his fans.

Because Bill releases episodes so often, the podcast acts as an up-to-date interaction between the world and Burr's experiences.

With every new episode that drops, Burr goes over recent news and discusses his personal life, thereby allowing fans into his life. In some ways, Monday Morning Podcast is a warm hug twice a week.

2. His Personal Advice to Fans

One of the best and funniest parts of Burr's podcast is the time he devotes to reading his fan emails and providing the advice they ask for.

Much of the time, he admonishes them for not using proper grammar before getting to his thoughts on whatever matter is at hand, but he attempts to treat everybody with the same fair thoughtfulness.

Some of the topics are deeply personal and viscerally shattering, which usually leads Burr to think hard about his answer. But when the stories are funny, he basks in the humor found in the lives of his fans.

3. He Admits His Faults and Flaws

Burr is not a man to shy away from the big topics of conversation, whether it be war, entertainment, or the latest celebrity scandal. He always manages to get his thoughts on the subject across.

However, what makes his podcast so much more intimate for fans is that he freely calls himself an idiot on many occasions. He openly admits to knowing nothing about most topics.

It's that self-awareness that makes him a great comedian, as he knows he won't be taken seriously by the media over his comments if he first admits his lack of knowledge over those very subjects.

More than that, Bill Burr is quick to admit his own personal flaws. He understands that he could be more patient with those closest to him, for example, which is a lesson in humility for anybody listening.

4. He's Open About His Family Life

If there's one subject that Bill has kept his audience up-to-date on throughout the many years he's been doing his podcast, it's his family.

Bill Burr is married to Nia Hill and they have two children together. However, even when it was just the two of them, Burr always kept fans updated on their relationship and their ups and downs.

Before the birth of their second child, Burr's wife was a larger part of his podcast. But even if she isn't featured as much these days, the unflinching honesty in his willingness to open up to listeners is a significant part of why it works so well on the waves.

5. He Covers Expansive Subjects

Bill Burr talks at length about topics that have been in the news that week. Sport is a large part of his life, therefore it plays a recurrent theme in his musings, but he stretches out to much more than that.

When you hear Burr's honest thoughts on so many subjects, it's almost as if he becomes the voice of the common person—someone who has a real but passing interest in most things.

As Burr waxes on about something he knows a cursory amount about, it comes across with a freshness that never feels forced or biased.

6. He's Easy to Listen To

If you're already a fan of Burr's comedy work, then you wholly understand what you're in for when you listen to his podcast. His comedic style is the same and no changes are made between formats.

However, if you aren't exactly acquainted with him, here's what you can expect: loose stream-of-consciousness thoughts on whatever he's been ruminating on, which expose the inner mind of this comedian.

Bill Burr is sharp, bold, determined, and unapologetic, often willing to say things that many are thinking but too cautious to speak out loud—but never in a way that's malicious or condescending.

His style isn't necessarily clean humor, but it's far from vulgar for vulgarity's sake. Plus, the conversational approach makes for a style with wide appeal, and it makes it that much funnier.

7. He's Authentic and Genuine

At the end of the day, Bill Burr's podcast is a real show hosted by one man who records it wherever he happens to be. Often, it's from his Los Angeles home, but if he's on the road, it could be from anywhere.

The freshness of Monday Morning Podcast is made even better by the knowledge that it isn't produced by a large team of people, carefully designed and refined for maximum engagement.

Rather, Monday Morning Podcast is about as real as it gets. It's just one man's honest thoughts that are entertaining simply because they're packaged in comedic delivery.

That gives Monday Morning Podcast an advantage that so many shows hosted by famous people don't have: a rustic authenticity that shines through in every word spoken.