5 Unusual Twitch Streams That Aren't Standard Fare

Looking for Twitch streams that have more to offer than a talking head and some video game footage? Here you go!
5 Unusual Twitch Streams That Aren't Standard Fare

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There was a time not all that long ago that if you wanted to watch something at home, it meant watching TV. Sure, we still watch TV, but not in the same sense.

With services like YouTube—not to mention Netflix, Hulu, and other similar subscription services—we can kind of create our own custom TV viewing experiences.

If you miss the live aspect of traditional TV, then Twitch has got you covered. Now you might think that all the service has to offer is esports and video game speed runs, but that's far from the case, as the streams we've gathered here will show you.

1. GameCenter CX

What if there was a show about someone playing a video game? What? They already made that?

Okay, what if this person were to play retro games and try to get through them in one sitting, no matter what it takes. That still sounds like half of everything on Twitch, but GameCenter CX is still worth watching.

This Japanese TV show has been airing since 2003 and now you can watch it 24-hours a day on Twitch. Part video game show, part comedy, it's nothing like what you usually see on Twitch.

2. RiffTrax

You may remember hearing RiffTrax mentioned in my other article about all things Mystery Science Theater 3000. If you're not familiar, you may want to read that guide. Otherwise, here's what you need to know: three guys make fun of a movie.

Sometimes it's two women, or maybe a woman and a man, or sometimes several people, but they're always watching and commenting on (and often picking on) a (usually bad) movie.

If that sounds cool to you, the Twitch channel is probably the easiest way to give RiffTrax a try.

3. DnDBeyond

If you prefer your games of the tabletop variety, DnDBeyond is worth checking out. Described as an "official digital toolset for the world's greatest roleplaying game," DnDBeyond is all D&D, all the time.

You'll get everything from dev updates to various campaigns. These are probably the most worth watching, especially if you're having a difficult time getting a few friends together in person or online to play yourself. Even if you can, you may get a few ideas.

4. Formula E

Aside from Rifftrax, the streams we're looking at here largely have to do with games, whether they're of the video variety or not. When it comes to the Formula E Twitch channel, things start to get a little murkier.

After the 2019/2020 season was interrupted, Formula E held the Race At Home Challenge which was shown on its Twitch channel.

That said, when the series proper is running, you'll also sometimes find broadcasts of the races themselves here as well. If you're even remotely interested in racing, this one is worth a look.

5. Salty Bet

We wouldn't ever encourage anyone to bet on the outcome of a video game. At least, of course, unless the money you were betting was fake. What the heck, make the game fake, too!

That's Salty Bet in a nutshell. It's a Twitch channel where characters from literally almost anywhere you can think off face off, fighting game style, and you bet virtual currency on the outcome.

It's more fun (and more addictive) than it sounds.

Need More Twitch in Your Life?

While the streams we've listed above show that Twitch has more to offer than esports, the service is still largely known for video games. That said, to say that Twitch is only for games is to miss out on a huge variety of what is available on the service.