7 Cult Classic Video Games That Haven't Aged Well

Don't let your memory fool you! Yyour favorite childhood game doesn't look as good as you remember.
7 Cult Classic Video Games That Haven't Aged Well

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Have you ever revisited one of your favorite old games, only to find it nearly unplayable? Although the game might've been revolutionary at the time, the graphics or controls just haven't held up to today's standards.

As much as you fondly remember the games of your childhood, you've been unknowingly remembering old games through rose-colored glasses. That's what makes it so shocking to replay them. The following games haven't aged well, but they'll still hold a place in your heart.

1. Resident Evil

You remember the very first Resident Evil as a game that would give you an adrenaline rush while you skulked through a zombie-infested mansion. It was a heart-pounding game of survival—you could never guess what fright lay in the next room.

If you look back at the game now, you'll probably wonder how it even managed to scare you. The overdramatic voice-acting coupled with an annoying fixed camera angle makes it a drag to play. Plus, the chunky graphics make the zombies look more terrifying in an artistic sense.

2. GoldenEye 007

GoldenEye 007 is known as one of the most difficult video games, but not for the right reasons. The controls just don't work well with the N64 controller, not to mention that the outdated graphics pretty much prevent you from spotting enemies.

This game might be revered as one of the best first-person shooters, but playing it won't give you the same joy it used to. If you try your hand at playing it now, the cumbersome gameplay will probably make you shut it off after only a few minutes.

3. Tomb Raider

It's still worth playing the original Tomb Raider, even if the graphics are poor by today's high standards. Lara Croft appears as a defined and detailed woman in recent games—looking back at where Lara Croft started will give you a newfound appreciation of modern graphics.

Luckily, her pixelated, misshapen body and stagnant facial expressions stay in the past. I don't think anyone misses the tank controls either.

4. Final Fantasy VII

If you only know Cloud Strife from the Final Fantasy VII remake (or Super Smash Brothers), you probably won't even recognize his original form. Cloud was once a stubby, spiky-haired creation with bulbous arms and no mouth.

Despite the crazy-looking graphics, Final Fantasy VII doesn't disappoint in terms of gameplay. You can still have fun playing this game, even if you can't take Cloud's looks seriously.

5. Star Fox

Star Fox is undeniably a classic, but you can't tell me that its graphics still look good today. Only a nostalgic gamer can go back to this game and feel genuinely entertained. Otherwise, the polygonal graphics will make you feel as if you're back in geometry class.

The sequel, Star Fox 64, shows massive improvement in the graphics. Thankfully, the spacecrafts actually look like spacecrafts, not just floating shapes.

6. F-Zero

F-Zero has a fantastic soundtrack, however, that doesn't change the dizzying gameplay. At the time, Mode 7 graphics were the best way to simulate racing games. The car never actually moves—the entire background and road shifts to make it look like you're zipping down the racetrack.

Besides the technical limitations, F-Zero lacks detailed tracks and also falls short in terms of car choices. To make matters worse, you can't even play the game with a friend. It's no wonder it was overshadowed by Super Mario Kart.

7. Kirby's Dream Land

As much as I adore Kirby, I have to include Kirby's Dream Land on this list. Don't get me wrong—this title is still loads of fun to play. It just lacks the "Kirbyness" that future Kirby games possess.

First off, seeing Kirby in black-and-white (not his iconic bubblegum pink) is just plain depressing. Kirby doesn't even have the ability to transform into other enemies. Returning to this game after playing the subsequent Kirby games makes this one feel almost empty.

Poorly-Aged Games Are Pioneers

As poorly as these games have aged, we can't hate on them. Without the awkward stages that these games have been through, we wouldn't have the stunning graphics we have today. Who knows, your favorite modern game might age badly in the future!

Now that you've seen games that have aged terribly, it's time to appreciate the oldies that have aged relatively well. In particular, these PlayStation 2 RPGs still hold up, and are definitely worth checking out.