5 Must-Have PlayStation 4 Accessories That Are Really Useful

Kick your PlayStation 4 gaming experience up to the next level with these useful must-have PlayStation 4 accessories!
5 Must-Have PlayStation 4 Accessories That Are Really Useful

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The PlayStation 4 still has plenty of fun and value to offer while you count down the days until you can grab its successor.

But if your PlayStation 4 is beginning to feel a little stale, it could be due to one of two reasons. Either you need to add a few new interesting games to your collection, or you need to spice things up with some cool PS4 accessories.

Here are some must-have PlayStation 4 accessories that you should definitely get as soon as you can. They're intensely useful and will enrich your PS4 gaming experience.

1. PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset

Unless you're playing on a massive 7.1-channel home theater system, any gaming headset is going to enhance what you're hearing in games.

It just so happens that the Sony PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset will enhance the audio experience more than most headsets.

In addition to easily letting you balance audio between game volume and chat volume in multiplayer settings, the headset has another trick up its sleeve.

Using the companion app, you can add custom modes from game developers that are specifically designed to enhance their specific games, which is a nice touch and quite useful.

2. PlayStation 4 Arcade Fight Stick

If you're a fan of fighting games, you should really consider adding an arcade fight stick to your arsenal of PS4 accessories. Not only will you fight better, but playing this way is more comfortable.

Honestly, fighting games with an arcade fight stick almost feels like you're playing a completely different gaming console altogether. It makes that much of a difference.

And even if you aren't a fan of fighting games, you can use an arcade fight stick to play many other video game genres, including sidescrolling platformers, shoot-em-ups, and even puzzle games.

3. 4TB External Gaming Drive

Video games having been growing in size for years now, and these days a single game can take up more than 100 GB of space. Even if you've got a PlayStation 4 model with a 1TB hard drive, you'll find yourself running out of space surprisingly quickly.

One option is to replace the PS4's internal hard drive with a much bigger hard drive—but that's a pain in the neck, especially when there's a much easier option to try first.

Grab a large-sized PS4-compatible external hard drive like the 4TB Gaming Drive by Western Digital. All you have to do is plug it in and you'll have plenty more room to store your games.

Never again will you have to decide whether you want to keep Red Dead Redemption 2 or Destiny 2 installed. Keep them both!

4. PlayStation 4 Controller Charger

The DualShock 4 is a fantastic controller in most aspects, whether you prefer it to other controllers or not. But even fans of Sony's gaming controller admit that the battery life is sorely lacking.

That's where a charger like the PS4 controller charger comes in handy. This one by Y Team can charge two PS4 controllers at once, so you're always ready for when your buddy challenges you to a fighting game or split-screen Modern Warfare.

5. 10ft Micro USB Cable

Here's another must-have accessory to bolster the DualShock 4's mediocre battery life. While a dedicated charger is definitely something you should have, they won't help when you run out of battery in the middle of a gaming session.

With a proper Micro USB cable, you can charge your PS4 controllers while you play—so you don't have to give up and end things while you wait for them to recharge.

The problem is, the default Micro USB cable that ships with the PlayStation 4 is too short. You can't charge and play with it, unless you sit three feet from your TV. But if you grab a 10-foot Micro USB cable, you can move back and keep playing from your couch!