Week 1 With “Ring Fit Adventure”: Still Fun, Still an Effective Workout

I'm even happier with the experience as I've spent more time experimenting with what Ring Fit Adventure has to offer.

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Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure is a fantastic exercise tool that isn't getting nearly the level of praise it deserves.

After offering my initial impressions after the first workout, I've managed to spend a week grinding away on some video game exercise, and I'm even happier with the experience as I've spent more time experimenting with that it has to offer.

My Progress With Ring Fit Adventure

It's only been a week, so I haven't noticed any change to my physical appearance. I still weigh the same, which is probably because I suck at dieting. You can't expect to see any real results in terms of weight loss in such a short time period.

While I don't see any physical changes, I've definitely noticed that I feel better, both after the workout and overall. I don't feel sore after playing through a couple of levels, and I'm actually sad when the game tells me that I should take a rest, as I'm feeling ready to keep working.

I did have to miss two days due to life getting in the way (I did five days in total for the first week), and I genuinely felt guilty for missing those days. Normally, I'm the type of person who will look for any excuse to get out of a workout, but with Ring Fit, I actually found myself looking forward to playing and being sad when I couldn't.

I also feel better overall. I feel like I have more energy, which is really what working out is all about. With that extra energy, I find myself taking the dogs for longer walks, which is increasing my activity level. I'm practicing drums for longer sessions, which is also bumping up how active I am overall.


So while I'm not noticing any physical results this quickly, I am noticing some pleasant mental changes, which should prove to be a great foundation for getting in better shape going forward.

Ring Fit's Adventure Mode

Once you get a little further in the Adventure mode in Ring Fit, you start to really see what the game brings to the table. You are introduced to new exercises and new mechanics while running through the levels. For example, you'll start doing a press in front of you, which actually performs an area attack that hits multiple enemies.

While running through the level, you're introduced to conveyor belts that force you to sprint in order to get over them. These do a great job of jacking up the heart rate, which makes you really feel like you're getting a good workout in, even though the actual workouts are fairly short in the grand scheme of things.

As far as the enemies, adding multiple enemies to each fight actually gives you a chance of losing if you don't execute your defensive exercises properly. You also need to properly pull off your offense to eliminate them as quickly as possible, as you only have so much health to last in each fight.

Extended Hardware Impressions

After spending a good week with the Ring Fit, I have to reiterate that Nintendo did a fantastic job with the ring. It doesn't feel like it's losing any of its resistance no matter how hard I push and pull it. It's such a simple design, but it's so effective at accomplishing what it sets out to do.

Another nice thing about the Ring Fit package is the leg strap. In spite of having a shedding dog leaving traces of himself over every square inch of my apartment, the velcro is staying sticky and working as intended. This is critical for keeping the Joy-Con in place, so I'm happy to report that there are no issues.

Overall Thoughts After 1 Week

In the end, everything I said about Ring Fit has been affirmed a week in. It's just a fantastic piece of exercise equipment with a really fun game. The leveling mechanics keep you coming back, and the actual mechanics are fun, and they really do make you forget that you're exercising.

If you're the kind of person who struggles with sticking to a workout plan, you need to check out Ring Fit Adventure, as it might just be the game-changer you've been looking for.

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