Escape Room Cheat Sheet: Top Tips on How to Break Out and Win

Want to break out of an escape room? Use our free cheat sheet to have the best chance.

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Escape rooms are a great way to bond with your friends, family, or co-workers.

They put your wits to the test and require you all to work together towards a common goal: escaping the room!

Escape rooms are going from strength to strength and continue to pop up around the world. As more people take part, those designing the rooms are coming up with ingenious ways to try to trap groups inside the rooms.

Whether you’re about to go into your first escape room or consider yourself a seasoned pro, we think there’s always something to learn. That’s why we’ve put together an escape room break out cheat sheet that is packed full of top tips to help you and your team get out in time.

This free cheat sheet gives advice on how to best search a room, how to split up tasks, when to ask for hints, and much more. Follow these tips and you won’t get locked in.

Top Tips for Breaking Out of Escape Rooms preview

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