The 10 Best Cities in the World for Escape Room Fans

Are you willing to travel the world to try some of the best escape rooms out there, but you're not sure which cities will give you the most bang for your buck?
The 10 Best Cities in the World for Escape Room Fans

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Are you absolutely, positively in love with testing your wits in the world of escape rooms? Good, because so are we!

Are you willing to travel the world to try some of the best escape rooms out there, but you're not sure which cities will give you the most bang for your buck?

Well, don't worry, because we've done the research and we're here to bring you ten of the best cities for escape room fans.

1. Beijing, China

When it comes to escape rooms, no city in the world has a larger quantity than Beijing. There are literally hundreds of rooms to try.

Of course, they are of varying quality, so you'll need to do some research to make sure the rooms you're choosing are good.

That said, if you're looking for one city that'll really scratch your escape room itch, this is the place to go.

Top-Rated Rooms:
2. Mr. X Escape Room
3. Smash

2. Shanghai, China

While you're in China, you can head south and check out the city that's second-most populated with escape rooms in Shanghai.

While it doesn't have quite as many rooms to solve as Beijing, it still has well over 100, with new ones springing up all the time.

If you really want to go nuts, you could spend a few days in Beijing, and then head to Shanghai and become an escape room master!

Top-Rated Rooms:
1. Mr. X
2. DC Shimengzhe
3. Amaze Room Escape

3. Los Angeles, CA, US

When it comes to escape room cities in the United States, it's hard to find a more escape room-packed area than Los Angeles.

Though you could branch out and say all of southern California, as the escape rooms are quite popular throughout the whole area.

Top-Rated Rooms:
1. 60out Escape Rooms
2. Fox in a Box escape room
3. The Basement A Live Escape Room Experience

4. Singapore

Singapore is another place that's packed with escape rooms, and many of them are rated very highly.

If you're looking to try out virtual reality in escape rooms, this is the city to travel to, because there are quite a few to choose from.

Top-Rated Rooms:
1. Sandbox VR
2. Xcape Singapore
3. The Escape Hunt Experience Singapore

5. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne might not have hundreds of rooms to choose from, but it does have a decent quantity of rooms that are of super high quality.

Between Fractured and rooms like Ukiyo, Melbourne is definitely a city worth visiting for escape rooms.

Top-Rated Rooms:
1. Ukiyo Melbourne
2. Rush Escape Game
3. Escape Room Melbourne

6. Budapest, Hungary

If you're visiting Hungary, you need to add Budapest to your list, as it has some incredibly highly-rated escape rooms for you to check out.

Some of them have five-star ratings on Trip Advisor with over a thousand reviews, so you know they're good.

Top-Rated Rooms:
1. E- Exit Escape Game
2. Locked Room Budapest
3. ILOCKEDYOU Escape Room

7. Moscow, Russia

As you might expect from a city the size of Moscow, there are plenty of escape rooms to check out, and many of them are very good.

Obviously, there are a million things to do while in Moscow, but escape rooms are definitely one of the attractions you should spend your time and money on.

Top-Rated Rooms:
1. Cubiculum
2. Claustrophobia
3. Quests in Reality Pogruzheniye

8. London, UK

London has some escape rooms that are rated extremely highly by both users and escape room critics.

Not only are the a lot of rooms that are rated highly, but it also has a high number of rooms when you consider the size of the city.

Top-Rated Rooms:
1. Secret Studio
2. clueQuest - The Live Escape Room Game
3. Escape Plan

9. Toronto, Canada

Toronto actually has more escape rooms than it seems, because Markham is just as packed with rooms as Toronto proper, and it's right next door.

That means you have an absurd amount of rooms to choose from. Whether you want horror-themed rooms or more family-friendly ones, there are options for you.

Top-Rated Rooms:
1. Looking Glass Adventures
2. Mysterious Minds Escape Rooms
3. Secret City Adventures: Casa Loma Escape Series

10. Bucharest, Romania

You might not think that Bucharest is a city that should be on your list, but you'd be making a huge mistake if you overlook this city.

It has some of the best-rated escape rooms in the world, so you should definitely take a trip to Romania to round out your escape room journey!

Top-Rated Rooms:
1. Escape Arena
2. TROLL Escape Rooms
3. The Codex