6 Physical and Mental Benefits to Playing Escape Rooms

There are many benefits to playing escape rooms, especially when you win!
6 Physical and Mental Benefits to Playing Escape Rooms

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Escape rooms are fun. Anyone who enjoys the thrill of solving problems and puzzles can get tons of entertainment out of working their way through escape rooms.

But there are far more benefits of going through escape rooms than just having fun. As it turns out, escape rooms actually offer plenty of other physical and mental benefits that make them more than worth the cost of admission!

1. Team Building

This is probably the most talked about benefit of going to an escape room. You can the people you're in the room with all share a common goal—you want to solve the puzzles within the time limit so you can get out of the room. To achieve this common goal, you all need to work together, which is critical to team building.

While on a trip to Melbourne, the Tech Geeks Try Stuff team did a couple of escape rooms and it definitely brought us all closer together. It's hard to replicate the way you work together in an escape room in daily life, which definitely makes the rooms worth doing.

2. Develop Problem Solving Skills

We all face problems every single day of the week, but very rarely do we have the constant barrage of problems thrown at us that escape rooms offer. They offer rapid-fire problems for you to work through with your friends, which gets your brain working in ways it doesn't traditionally get to.

Obviously, the more you do escape rooms, the more you're going to flex your brain muscles, but even doing just one is giving helping you solve problems in ways you wouldn't normally.

3. Improve Memory

Memory is a big part of the puzzles in many escape rooms. You'll need to observe details and recall them later. For example, you might see a photo of a man and women early in the room, and later on, you'll need to recall that photo.

This isn't exclusive to escape rooms, as anytime you're forced to use your memory is a chance to make it stronger, but few memory-boosting activities offer the same level of fun and satisfaction as escape rooms.

4. Get Up Out of Your Chair

They say you're supposed to spend about 30 minutes a day performing physical activity to stay healthy. Escape rooms typically take an hour to complete, which means you're doubling the minimum amount of activity you're supposed to do for the day.

Of course, doing an escape room isn't the same as running for an hour, but it's still getting you on your feet and moving around for a while. Plus, let's be honest, doing an escape room is way more fun than running around a track for a while!

5. Create Lasting Memories

Life goes by rather quickly. The time we're here really comes down to the memories we create, and going through an escape room will build positive memories that we'll carry with us going forward.

Because escape rooms are divided into multiple puzzles, you end up with a bunch of different positive memories. You'll remember the eureka moments of solving a puzzle and the times you and friend bonded over working through the details together. Just one escape room will leave you with quite a few positive moments to look back on, and that's always a good thing.

6. Fun and Thrills

While this isn't necessarily a benefit that's exclusive to escape rooms, getting out there and doing something fun will make you happy, and who doesn't want to be happy? Escape rooms and the problems within them cause a spike in adrenaline, and solving puzzles causes a spike in dopamine, which makes you feel good! Happiness is important, and escape rooms create plenty of it.

The only issue with escape rooms and happiness is the risk of failure. Obviously, you're not going to feel great if you don't succeed, but you'll still have good experiences of solving individual puzzles along the way!

Start Escaping Those Rooms!

Seriously, escape rooms are a good time. Get your friends and coworkers together and go solve some puzzles.

Not only will you have fun, but you'll gain plenty of other physical and mental benefits as well. Keep going with our article on tips for beating escape rooms.