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Is there anything more iconically geeky than a comic book?

Even to this day, when the lines between geek culture and mainstream culture are more blurred than ever, comic books and graphic novels and manga volumes still remain on the fringes.

Here at whatNerd, we think comics and manga are still as awesome today as they were decades ago.

Manga Culture

If you aren't reading manga yet, what's stopping you? There's never been as much high-quality manga out there as there is today, and a lot of it can be read online.

Don't know where to start? Don't know how to start? Check out our best articles on getting your feet wet with manga culture—and maybe even starting your own manga collection.

Manga Recommendations

whatNerd's best articles on which manga series to read next and which manga volumes we recommend

With thousands of manga series out there—and even more if you include light novels—you might be feeling overwhelmed on where to start. Well, you can always start with our favorite manga suggestions! Whether you want to start with the classics or dive right in with the best modern manga series, we've got manga recommendations for you.

Comics Culture

whatNerd's best articles on how to read comics, the different types of comics, and all things comics culture

What's the difference between comic books and graphic novels? Is there a reason to buy physical comics when you can just read digital comics online? If you're a newbie, how do you get started with reading comic books? We answer these questions (and more) in our best articles on modern comics culture.

Comics Recommendations

whatNerd's best articles on which comic series to read next and which comic books we recommend

There's a lot more to comic books and graphic novels than Spider-Man, Superman, and Batman. Those may be the most recognizable names, but there are so many other hidden gems worth discovering—and many of them don't involve superheroes at all. Check out our favorite suggestions for comic books and graphic novels of all kinds.

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