The 7 Best Manga Series on comiXology Unlimited

comiXology Unlimited has plenty to offer, including a large selection of manga. Here are the manga series you should check out first.
The 7 Best Manga Series on comiXology Unlimited

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Assuming you're new to manga, you may not know which series to start with. Maybe you've watched a few anime series and are looking for something to read instead.

But reading manga as a beginner can be daunting because you don't want to spend money on series and volumes only to find out you don't like the stories, the characters, or the art.

That's where comiXology Unlimited comes in. For a single monthly fee, you can read thousands of manga series whenever you want. Here are some of the best manga series to check out on comiXology Unlimited!

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7. Lone Wolf and Cub

By far the oldest series on this list, Lone Wolf and Cub was first published in 1970. This dark samurai story became the basis for several films, television series, and even a video game.

If nothing else, this classic series is worth taking a look at just to see how art styles have changed since this was originally published.

6. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

This is another case where the manga came after the anime, except in this case, the anime series followed the original Ghost in the Shell full-length feature movie.

Part futuristic sci-fi, part police procedural, this manga follows the law enforcement unit Section 9, lead by Major Kusanagi. As it goes on, it gets more complex but remains a satisfying read.

5. Street Fighter

Okay, so you probably know Street Fighter, even if you only recognize the name. Based on the video game franchise, this series follows Ryu and Ken, as pretty much any other media based on Street Fighter does.

You'll see other familiar faces as well, with appearances from Chun-Li, Guile, Cammy, Vega, Sagat, and even M. Bison.

4. Fairy Tail

This extremely popular series might exhibit several of the typical shōnen manga, but sometimes you want to read the equivalent of comfort food.

You know what you're getting into when you start following the adventures of Natsu Dragneel and the Fairy Tail wizard guild, but that doesn't make it any less fun.

3. Battle Angel Alita

If this name seems familiar, it's because this manga served as the source material for the 2019 action movie Alita: Battle Angel. While critics' opinions were mixed on the film, the overall general opinion of the manga it was based on is much higher.

The series follows the titular Alita who is trying to recover the lost memories of her past and hang on to her humanity as she adapts to her new cybernetic body.

2. Kill La Kill

With most Japanese series, the manga comes first and the anime is based on the manga if the manga is successful enough.

But for Kill La Kill, it went the other way around. This manga series is actually an adaptation of the anime, which stars the scissor blade-wielding Ryuki Matoi.

Take a standard magical girl story and make it a whole lot more violent, toss in a massive dose of graphic fan service, and that's sort of what you get here.

1. Attack on Titan

Even if you don't know another series on this list, you've probably heard of Attack on Titan, as it's massively popular.

Set in a fantasy world where people live surrounded by huge walls built to protect them from the enormous man-eating Titans, this series spawned a hit anime series, a few video games, and all sorts of other merchandise.

To see where the franchise began, read this series.

Fun fact: The most interesting thing about Attack on Titan is seeing the artist's drawing skills improve with every issue. Compare the art in #1 versus #100 and you'll be blown away!

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There's a lot more content on comiXology Unlimited that makes the price worth its value. If you like manga, you'll probably like many of the non-manga comic books and graphic novels too.