The 7 Best War Movies to Watch on Amazon

War movies hit in a way that most other films don't. Here are the best war films to stream on Amazon Prime.
The 7 Best War Movies to Watch on Amazon

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Are you looking for a film that'll hit you way deep in the feelings? Sometimes, an intense war film is exactly what you need. While they can often be hard to watch, war movies have a special place in the world of film.

Today, we're going to dig into Amazon Prime Video to find the best war movies available on the service. If you pay for Prime, these movies are already available to you.

1. Paths of Glory

For this one, we're going to go way back to 1957. This is an anti-war movie directed by Stanley Kubrick.

It features plenty of action, but it also features plenty of political intrigue as a group of soldiers are sent into a suicide mission. The scenes where the soldiers attempt the suicide mission are incredibly dark and intense, especially for the time.

2. Gallipoli

Gallipoli stars Mel Gibson, Mark Lee, and Bill Kerr. It's a story about several young Australian men who are sent to fight in the peninsula of Gallipoli World War 1. They face the horrors of war (and so do we, as the viewer).

It's not the most historically accurate war movie ever, as it takes plenty of liberties with the events, but that doesn't stop it from being an awesome movie that's more than worth your time.

3. Hamburger Hill

This movie is about the 1969 assault during the Vietnam War of the U.S. Army's 3d Battalion. Whenever the Vietnam War is used in the film, things tend to get very dark and very heavy, and this film is no exception.

It's extremely realistic and brutal, and it will definitely make you feel uncomfortable. Everything from the acting to the action is made incredibly well, so it's definitely worth a watch.

4. The African Queen

We're going into the way back machine for this one, as The African Queen came out all the way back in 1951. Even further back is the book upon which the movie is based, as that came out in 1935.

It's a World War 1 movie (obviously, since WWII didn't happen when the book was written). Humphrey Bogart received the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in this film.

5. Journey's End

This movie came out in 2017, but it's based on a play called Journey's End by R. C. Sherriff from 1928.

The classic play has been adapted many times, and this is definitely one of the best versions. All the dark war imagery you'd expect to find is in this movie. And because it's a modern film, it features the special effects you're used to.

6. Zero Dark Thirty

Zero Dark Thirty isn't your typical war movie, as it's not all about giant battles with thousands of soldiers fighting.

Instead, it's about covert operations as the US attempts to track down Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. It's a very intense ride that fans of war movies will definitely enjoy.

7. A Bridge Too Far

A Bridge Too Far is based on the book of the same name, and it's incredibly intense.

It released in 1977, but don't let the age turn you off, because this movie has all the intensity of the best war movies out there. It takes place during World War II, which tends to make for some of the intense war films.

Watch More Movies on Amazon

War movies can be tough to watch, and these are no exception. While entertaining in their own way, they will most certainly hit you hard.

They're great movies, but I don't recommend watching them all at once, as they'll drain your emotions in a big way. Get ready to put that Prime subscription to work!