What Is Midnight Sun? 5 Things to Know About This Twilight Companion Novel

It's been over a decade since Twilight's release, and Midnight Sun has just put some life back into the series.
What Is Midnight Sun? 5 Things to Know About This Twilight Companion Novel

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Just when you thought the Twilight series was over for good, Stephanie Meyer has resurrected it.

For some, the news of another Twilight novel is enough to make them roll their eyes and groan in disgust. For others, it's a reminder of simpler times when all that mattered was whether you were on Team Edward or Team Jacob.

Midnight Sun is the fifth installment in the series, and takes place during the events of Twilight. Better yet, it gives you a lot more insight into your favorite vampire, Edward. Here are some of the key points that you need to know about Midnight Sun.

1. Midnight Sun Should've Been Released Years Ago

If you kept up on Twilight news in the late-2000s, you might remember that portions of Midnight Sun were leaked online in 2008. Meyer was too broken-hearted at the fact that her unfinished work was made public, so she stopped working on it.

Now that more than a decade has passed since Twilight's debut, Meyer has finally released Midnight Sun. Ironically enough, Meyer actually started writing Midnight Sun as a simple writing exercise, but it ended up morphing into a 700-page companion novel.

2. It's Told From Edward's Perspective

Unlike the rest of the Twilight series, Midnight Sun is told from Edward's point of view. This gives you a look at everything you couldn't see from Bella's eyes.

Remember when Edward went missing from school for an entire week in Twilight? Well, you'll finally get to figure out exactly what went down when he wasn't in school. The same goes for other events that happened when Bella wasn't around.

3. Edward's Inner Struggles Come to Light

Falling in love with a human would be a challenge for any vampire, and Edward is no exception. Midnight Sun puts Edward's internal battle on display—he constantly struggles to push away the bloodthirsty monster that lurks inside him.

Although Edward's attracted to Bella, the thirst for Bella's blood doesn't just go away. Edward is constantly fighting against these inherent urges, as he tries to force himself to value love over instinct.

4. Midnight Sun Delves Into Edward's Past

Edward is over 100 years old, and this extensive life history is barely touched upon in the original books. Midnight Sun gives Edward the voice to relay many of his early 20th century memories.

When Edward first became a vampire, he struggled to control his new abilities and thirst for blood. It's revealed that Edward even had a rebellious phase at one point—instead of following Carlisle's rules, Edward decided to go after human blood.

Midnight Sun digs a little deeper into the Cullen's family history as well. Edward recalls how each member of the family entered the scene, and highlights the tension between himself and Rosalie.

5. You Can Read Minds With Edward

As you already know, Edward can read everyone's mind except for Bella's. Now that Edward has the microphone in Midnight Sun, readers get to do some eavesdropping too.

You'll get to hear all of the thoughts that Edward picks up, and that also includes Alice's visions. After Alice predicts a potential future where Edward kills Bella, and another where Bella turns into a vampire, Edward watches his every action to prevent Bella's possible demise.

Ready to Dive Back Into Twilight?

If you were (or still are) a Twihard, reading Midnight Sun will expand your knowledge about the Twilight universe.

Not to mention that it's exciting to see the events of Twilight unfold from Edward's perspective. It doesn't look like Meyer will ever add to the Twilight series ever again, but we can only hope that she pens a Jacob spinoff!