New Trailer For Saved by the Bell Reboot Released

NBC has debuted a second trailer for the show, and it gives us a little taste of what to expect.

One of the most anticipated shows coming to NBC’s Peacock streaming service is the reboot of Saved by the Bell. Just about anyone who grew up in the ’90s watched the hijinks of Zach Morris and his crew.

The first teaser trailer for the show rolled out back in April, and now NBC has debuted a second one for the show. It doesn’t tell us much, but it does give us a small taste of what the show will look like.

Saved by The Bell Reboot New Trailer

The new trailer features Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley in a callback to one of the most memorable moments from the original show. It’s only about a minute long, but there’s a lot of content squeezed into the short trailer.

It gives us a quick look at some of the new Bayside kids from the lower-income neighborhoods and how they interact with the more typical rich kids that inhabit the high school.

We know that the show will feature Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Mario Lopez, and Elizabeth Berkley reprising their original roles as Zack Morris, A.C. Slater, and Jessie Spano, respectively. We don’t have an exact release date for the show, but we do know that it’ll hit NBC’s Peacock streaming service sometime in 2020.

Our Take

I was extremely excited for the Saved by the Bell reboot, but this trailer is terrible. Not a single joke from it even made me chuckle.

If the content offered here is any indication, the bulk of the show seems to focus around the new generation of Bayside kids and not as much on Zack Morris, A.C. Slater, and Jessie Spano, which is exactly what I don’t want to see.

Perhaps with time, the creators can make us care about the new cast. However, if the trailer is any indication of the type of humor the show is going to target, I have a hard time picturing this taking off. There are just too many good shows out there right now, and nostalgia can only carry this thing so far before I jump ship.

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