The 5 Most Insane Methods People Used to Beat Video Games

Forget gaming controllers, mice, and keyboards. These gamers play with feet, drums, even lipstick—and they're still better than most!
The 5 Most Insane Methods People Used to Beat Video Games

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Gamers love a good challenge, but some take things further than any developers ever could've imagined.

When a simple keyboard and mouse becomes boring, or when a gaming controller feels too mundane, some gamers invent new and wild ways to challenge themselves—for their own fun and curiosity.

From difficult classics like Dark Souls to first-person shooters like Counter-Strike, you may be impressed to learn that the person on the other end of the controller... isn't even using a controller.

Here are several gamers who went outside the box with their favorite games, devising entirely new ways to finish the game. With a bit of creativity and a lot of practice, anything can be a controller!

5. Beating Dark Souls With Bongos

This wasn't Bearzly's first foray into stunning the internet with his skill and ingenuity. He had already beaten Dark Souls with a Guitar Hero controller, but he yearned for a new challenge.

The obvious answer was, of course, to play using the bongos used for the rhythm game Donkey Konga. The problem? These bongos only provide six different possible inputs, which isn't enough to effectively move your character in the game... Bearzly had to develop his own software that used different control states to increase the number of potential inputs to 18.

It took a month to create the program, but Bearzly's run to beat the game using the drums took only five and a half hours. Most people would be happy to beat the game normally in that amount of time, but he managed to do it with a customized set of bongos.

4. Playing Counter-Strike With Lipstick

It's no secret that online gaming can be home to some of the worst examples of toxic masculinity. The idea that girls shouldn't play games like Counter-Strike is rife in certain corners of social media, which is something that didn't sit right with Chloe Desmoineaux.

Where others saw harassment and negativity, she saw a chance to make a statement while racking up a kill count.

Using a tube of lipstick and a bit of tech called Makey Makey, she developed the Lipstriker controller. Inspired by stereotypes that flood the Counter-Strike community, Desmoineaux put together a way to turn her lipstick into a gaming controller.

Despite every match resulting in a Joker-like grin across her face, she's still able to rack up an impressive number of kills using nothing but lipstick, proving that gaming and makeup can be for everyone.

3. Playing Final Fantasy XIV With Feet

Not everyone on this list is simply seeking a new challenge in their favorite video games. Some, like Stevie Rex, have no choice but to play their favorite games a bit differently than most people.

Stevie has a rare genetic disorder that makes pressing buttons with his hands—or even holding a gaming controller—nearly impossible. However, using his feet and a standard PlayStation controller, he can seamlessly play Final Fantasy XIV like anyone else.

This is all thanks to the Crossbar system in Final Fantasy XIV, which allows the game to be played on consoles without sacrificing any of the functionality that PC gamers have become accustomed to.

In the above video of him playing, Stevie explains that the game is surprisingly accessible to gamers with disabilities thanks to this system, giving many the chance to join their friends in their favorite hobby.

2. Playing Super Mario World With a Recorder Up One's Nose

Even the simplest games can be made more complicated if you try hard enough. This might be the second musical instrument-based gaming feat on this list, but it deserves a special mention because of the incredible amount of work that went into it.

This player managed to remove all physical inputs from Super Mario World. Instead, he plays using the power of sound via a system he developed that interprets different pitches as game inputs.

One pitch moves Mario in one direction. Another makes him jump. It's as annoying to listen to as it is impressive to watch. Oh, and just to be different, he uses his nose to play the recorder.

It's definitely an impressive feat of gaming that combines the unmatched ingenuity of gamers with their desire to be as annoying as possible.

1. Beating Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time While Blindfolded

While everyone has their own favorite aspects when it comes to gaming, most can agree that video games are largely visual. The vast majority of feedback and cues presented to the player come in the form of graphics...

...which means that most games are pretty much impossible to play if you can't see. But nothing is completely impossible if you have enough time to practice and the dedication to not give up.

Runnerguy2489 proved this when he managed to beat The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with a bag over his head. And he didn't just beat it—he got 100% of the optional collectibles along the way.

The challenge took a total of 45 gaming sessions to complete, which he thankfully archived on YouTube so we could all marvel at his persistence.