9 Useful Call of Duty: Mobile Tips and Strategies for Struggling Players

Finding it hard to win in Call of Duty: Mobile? Here are our best tips and strategies for victory, whether you're new or just stuck.
9 Useful Call of Duty: Mobile Tips and Strategies for Struggling Players

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Maybe it's been a few months since you installed Call of Duty: Mobile and you stopped playing because you couldn't make progress in your ranks, whether in Battle Royale (BR) or Multiplayer (MP) modes.

Or maybe you're a new Call of Duty: Mobile player and you're finding it difficult to stay alive and eliminate enemies, making the whole experience more frustrating than it needs to be.

We all know that losing is part of the game, but few things are more demoralizing than a losing streak. Dying in the first few minutes of a round, or dying right after you land from the plane, can make you throw your hands up and wonder why you're still playing.

Worry no more! Here are some of our best Call of Duty: Mobile tips and tricks that will help you score more victories when you play.

9. Know Your Playstyle

What kind of gameplay are you most comfortable with? For example, if you're an aggressive player and love charging into the frontlines, you really ought to stick to LMGs, SMGs, or Assault Rifles, which have higher mobility and control (even if they inflict less damage).

On the other hand, if you prefer staying out of the main firefight and want to influence from afar, stick with sniper rifles for high damage and long-range accuracy. Don't charge into open areas because you'll be an easy target when scoping!

8. Configure Your Weapons

Customizing and upgrading your weapons is a crucial element in MP battles. While every weapon has its own set of upgrades, make sure to adjust the following by configuring your weapon attachments:

Lower the recoil: Recoil means the movement and kickback of your gun after every shot. Too much recoil can make it hard to hit targets, so lowering it leads to greater control and accuracy (especially on auto-fire).

Use proper sight or scope: Some scopes offer magnification but block your view. If you're using an LMG or SMG, it's much better to go without scopes or stick with simpler scopes like the Red Dot Sight.

7. Adjust the UI and Buttons

After playing Call of Duty: Mobile for a while, you'll know which parts of the user interface you rely on the most—and which parts you don't use at all.

At some point, you'll want to go into the settings and adjust the UI in a way that's most comfortable for you. That way, you won't ever be stuck looking for a certain button while in a heated gunfight.

6. Use Off-Screen Buttons

In Call of Duty: Mobile, the more you can see, the more information you have. The more information you have, the better your decisions can be in the midst of an action-packed fight.

To open up as much screen space as possible, it's best to move your buttons off-screen—and that means switching from on-screen buttons to external gamepads or trigger button accessories. With these, you can see much more without your fingers blocking your sight.

5. Camp on High Ground

Whether in MP or BR modes, camping is the best strategy for snipers—and even for assault players, like when you're waiting in ambush. Camping basically means hiding in hidden spots and waiting for your opponents to enter your range so you can pick them off.

Strategically, camping on high ground provides you with the greatest advantage. Enemies are less likely to spot you, and even if they do, some guns won't be able to reach you. Meanwhile, you can see farther and it's easier to aim downwards.

Just be careful while camping and watch out for enemy air support, which they'll use to try to push you out of your location.

4. Never Engage With a Squad

In BR mode, there's a game type where players are grouped into squads of four. This can be a great change of pace—but if you're unlucky and lose your squad, you'll need to start playing it very safe.

And that means never engaging in a direct gunfight with an enemy squad. Even if you're better than all of their players, they'll overwhelm you with sheer numbers. So, unless you've secured a safe spot and you have a sniper rifle ready, never be the one to start a gunfight.

3. BR: The Clown Class

In BR games, the Clown class can summon friendly K9 units with the Toy Bomb. Not many players are fond of using this because there are more destructive and strategic classes out there, but it can be quite useful for newbies and solo players.

You can use the K9 units to scout for enemies and even distract them so you can aim for the kill. It's like playing with teammates except you're alone. Observe the dogs once summoned: if they run far from the toy bomb, it means there are enemies nearby.

One downside of the Clown class is that the dogs stay beside the Toy Bomb if no enemies are nearby—and get killed when the Toy Bomb explodes. But you can throw the Toy Bomb on a roof, which summons the K9 units on the ground and away from the explosion range!

2. ADS and Hip Fire

In the Call of Duty: Mobile settings, there's one called Shooting Mode that lets you select between 1-tap ADS and Hip Fire.

ADS stands for Aim Down Sight, which refers to the motion where the character holds the gun up and looks down the gun's length to shoot. This mode is more accurate, but the cost is reduced mobility.

Hip Fire means the character keeps the gun down at their hip, so you won't "scope" down the gun length. You'll have better mobility this way, but your recoil will be worse and you'll find it harder to hit at distance.

Generally, 1-tap ADS is better in most situations for most weapon choices, especially when you have a large ammo capacity. It's not that Hip Fire is necessarily bad, but the greater accuracy is very helpful.

1. Look for the Best Sniper Positions

As a sniper, you won't always be able to find exclusive higher ground. In that case, you'll need to look for other tactical spots—areas where enemies are sure to pass by, but in a way where you'll be able to see them before they see you. Then, all you have to do is pull the trigger.

For example, in the Crash map, if you're on the Special Forces side, go to the leftmost grassy area, move up the slope, and position yourself beside the tree. Crouch down, scope, and wait for a victim. It's near where the opponents respawn and they will probably pass by!