The 10 Best Free-to-Play Multiplayer PVP Games on PC

We've invested an absurd amount of time into compiling the best F2P PVP multiplayer games available for PC.
The 10 Best Free-to-Play Multiplayer PVP Games on PC

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In the world of video games, the PC is a bit like the wild west. While Microsoft and Sony try to govern what is released onto their platforms, just about anyone can release a game and make it available.

As such, there are a lot of free PVP games available on the PC. New games come out so fast that it's basically impossible to play them all. Just when you think you've found a bunch of free-to-play games that you like, ten more pop up to replace it.

Don't worry, because we've invested an absurd amount of time into compiling the ten best F2P PVP multiplayer games available for PC. If you want something to play and you want to keep your wallet firmly shut, these are the must-play games for you.

10. Dota Underlords

Dota 2 started off as a mod, and Dota Underlords came from the same beginning. The "auto chess" style of game has taken the gaming world by storm, and Dota Underlords has been a game at the forefront of all the excitement.

If you like your PVP gameplay a little slower and more tactical, Underlords is the perfect game for you.

9. Teamfight Tactics

The other game that's making waves in the auto chess scene is Teamfight Tactics. While Dota Underlords is a spinoff of Dota 2, Teamfight Tactics is built off League of Legends.

Really, choosing between the two is just a matter of preference between some of the nuanced mechanical differences and whether you prefer the LOL or Dota 2 universe.

8. Destiny 2

After multiple years and iterations as a game that costs money, Bungie finally decided to switch things up and make Destiny 2 F2P. Well, at least some of it.

You won't get the latest expansion packs as part of Destiny 2: New Light, but you'll still get hundreds of hours of gameplay and near-infinite replay value from Destiny 2's deep multiplayer mode called The Crucible.

7. Paladins

The easiest way to describe Paladins is to say that it's a lot like Overwatch, but it's free-to-play. It features a very similar style of fast-paced shooting with a huge variety of characters that each play differently from the others.

There are tons of customization options available that'll let players tweak the game to suit their playstyle, so you'll have a hard time getting bored with this Paladins.

6. Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 is easily one of the best RTS games ever created, and the fact that Blizzard has made the bulk of the game free-to-play is truly exciting.

You won't get all of the content in the game, but there's more than enough PVP content available to keep you busy for a long time.

Obviously, there are tons of savage players out there since Starcraft 2 is a fairly old game, but don't let that detur you! There's still plenty of fun to be had.

5. Fortnite

It's hard to find a bigger game than Fortnite right now. Everyone from children playing their very first video game to competitive esports athletes fly down to shoot and build their way to a "Victory Royale" in the beloved game.

Love it or hate it, there's a reason Fortnite is so massive, and you have to respect what Epic Games managed to accomplish.

4. Apex Legends

In the battle of F2P battle royale games, Apex Legends and Fortnite are the two big dogs in the fight, and personally, I find the gameplay, setting, and feel of Apex Legends to be a little better than Fortnite.

Respawn managed to harness much of the same incredible feel as Titanfall, but it did with huge groups of players all trying to be the last one standing.

3. Counter-Strike 2

When it comes to competitive, old-school first-person shooters, it's almost impossible to find one better than Counter-Strike 2 (previously Counter-Strike: Global Offensive).

It's as hardcore as it gets in terms of skilled players battling it out, and getting into the game is no easy task. But once you learn the mechanics and get a feel for the aiming, you'll be hooked.

2. League of Legends

League of Legends has remained one of the most popular video games across all platforms for a long time, and this isn't a coincidence. Riot Games is constantly iterating and balancing its MOBA masterpiece to create an experience that's hard to rival.

1. Dota 2

Choosing between Dota 2 and League of Legends is like deciding whether you want to support one of two rival sports teams.

League players and Dota 2 players both think they're playing the superior game, and it's hard to pick one. Personally, I give a slight edge to Dota 2 just because I enjoy the pace of the game a bit more, but it's really close to being a tie.

If you're interested in trying a MOBA for the first time, play them both (one-at-a-time to avoid confusing yourself) and see which one tickles your fancy.