The 5 Best Loot Shooter Games (That Aren't Destiny 2)

Do you like shooting stuff in the hopes of earning gear that'll help you shoot stuff better? These loot shooters are for you!
The 5 Best Loot Shooter Games (That Aren't Destiny 2)

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Do you like shooting stuff? Do you like shooting stuff in the hopes of earning gear that'll help you shoot stuff better?

Then you're in luck! Because in this article, we're looking at several loot shooters that aren't Destiny 2, the game you've been sucked into for the last few years.

Here are the best loot shooter games still worth trying!

5. Risk of Rain 2

This roguelike shooter shares a lot in common with loot shooters, including a massive loot treadmill that has you chasing after better and better boosts and items.

So what's unique, then?

When you die, you lose everything and have to start over—and that's not a bad thing! Every playthrough is different because levels are randomly generated, and you can permanently unlock new random items and boosts for future playthroughs.

There's constant action and progression, making it super addictive. A must-have for anyone who loves roguelites.

4. Shadow Warrior 2

This is another hidden gem in the loot shooter genre of games. Most gamers will have at least heard of Warframe in passing at some point, but this one is much more under the radar.

But don't let the lack of hype turn you off! This game is actually pretty solid, lots of fun, and generous with loot.

Shadow Warrior 2 is an absolute gorefest where taking down enemies leaves the player covered in a shower of internal organs and blood. The cast of characters are quite different and interesting, and the gameplay merges shooting and melee in a way that's incredibly fun.

Like Borderlands, this isn't a game that you'll play for months at a time, but it's a joy for the time you're in it. Plus it's available on Xbox Game Pass!

3. Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 appears to be doing everything right in terms of launching an online loot shooter. Well, other than the fact that Ubisoft decided to charge $100 to play the game a few days early.

Still, the servers have been rock solid, and the community seems to be quite happy with the launch state of the game.

Unlike the other loot shooters on the list, The Division 2 is grounded a bit more in reality. If you're not into a more tactical, cover-based shooter, it might not be the game for you.

But if you liked the first game, and a tactical shooter is something you're into, The Division 2 offers a similar but improved take.

2. Warframe

Warframe is easily gaming's best-kept secret. The free-to-play game is absolutely massive in terms of the amount of content it offers, and if you're willing to put in the time, just about all of it is accessible without spending a dime.

Not only is Warframe free, but most importantly, it's actually good. There are all sorts of different modes, tons of different suits (which are sort of like classes in an RPG), and hundreds of weapons to earn.

Each weapon, companion, and suit levels up independently, meaning there's always something new to grind towards. In terms of value, you can't beat Warframe.

1. Borderlands 3

Here we have the game that is the king of dispensing tremendous loot. Borderlands 3 has fascinating characters, a huge open world to explore, and seemingly infinite guns to loot from the bad guys.

While it may not have the MMO trappings of some of the games we'll look at here, it does still feature basic multiplayer.

Unlike Destiny 2 and other loot shooters, Borderlands 3 isn't meant to be the game you play exclusively for months at a time—but for the time you're in the world, it's truly a masterpiece.

Get Your Shoot-and-Loot On!

Is there anything more satisfying in the world of video games than pointing an awesome gun at an enemy, pulling the trigger and seeing an even better gun drop out of said enemies dead body?

These games are all filled with loot piñatas that are ready to get your endorphins flowing!