Trivial Geeks: Computer History Trivia (Season 1 Episode 2)

Watch this episode of Trivial Geeks where Dave, Daisy, Andrew, and Ashlee take on Computer History trivia!
Trivial Geeks: Computer History Trivia (Season 1 Episode 2)

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Questions in this episode:

  1. 0:41 - According to the Computer History Museum, in what year was the first personal computer released?
  2. 1:39 - In what year did Apple release their first personal computer, called the Apple-1?
  3. 2:16 - In the 1970s, research institutions began linking computers together using telecommunications infrastructure, which eventually led to the internet. What was this pre-internet endeavor called?
  4. 4:02 - What was the name of the first computer to defeat a world champion chess player?
  5. 5:15 - When Apple launched their Macintosh computer in 1984, they marketed it with a commercial that played during which nationally televised event?
  6. 5:59 - In 1963, Douglas Engelbart prototyped a device that would eventually become the computer mouse. Before settling on the term "mouse," what was it originally called?
  7. 7:43 - When Douglas Engelbart demonstrated the first working computer mouse, what material was it made out of?
  8. 8:53 - When retrieving data from memory or storage, what is the term for the time it takes for that data to be retrieved?
  9. 9:58 - What is the name for the non-volatile firmware that initializes computer hardware during the boot-up process?
  10. 10:28 - What is the max transfer speed for USB 3.0?
  11. 11:50 - Back in the day, most computer displays were connected using VGA. Which connection type succeeded VGA while remaining backward-compatible?
  12. 12:24 - What part of the computer is responsible for converting alternating current into direct current that's usable by the computer's internal components?
  13. 12:46 - What is the name for a type of hard drive alternative that's incredibly fast but loses all its data when the computer is shut down?
  14. 13:47 - What is the most common cause of overheating in laptops?
  15. 14:15 - What is the main chemical element used in the manufacture of computer chips?
  16. 14:36 - What is the display technology that employs an array of semiconductor light sources that individually light up when run through with an electric current?
  17. 15:08 - In what year did the first Chromebook begin shipping to customers?
  18. 16:07 - According to SplashData, what was the most common password of 2018?
  19. 16:43 - Computer scientist Frederick B. Cohen wrote an experimentally infective software program and coined the term "computer virus" in what year?
  20. 18:02 - Which company created the original floppy disk?

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