Is Halo: The Master Chief Collection for PC Worth It? 5 Reasons to Consider It

Halo: The Master Chief Collection for PC brings massive improvements to Halo gameplay.
Image Credit: 343 Industries

Whether you’re a first-time Halo player or a veteran, you likely know the importance of the series coming to PC. Halo was formerly an Xbox exclusive, which makes it all the more special that we can now experience the joy of Halo behind our computer screen.

Even still, you’re probably wondering whether Halo: The Master Chief Collection (MCC) for PC is worth it. You’ve already played the collection on Xbox One, so why buy this one? The following reasons might convince you to boot up Halo on your PC.

1. Unlocked Frame Rates

Compared to any console, a high-end gaming PC is still superior in terms of graphics. Sure, both a PC and the Xbox One X might play Halo: The MCC in 4K, but a PC allows for uncapped frame rates. That means you can push the limits even higher when you play on your PC.

There’s no doubt that Halo: Reach looks amazing on PC so far. The only downfall is that the game doesn’t allow you to use the full potential of your PC. The game only runs at three preset graphical settings: Original, Performance, and Enhanced. Despite this, you can still expect a smoother look on PC—not to mention that the PC version also supports ultrawide monitors.

2. Have Fun With Mods

Mods are what draws many console gamers to PC. Tight restrictions prevent modding on most popular console games, but that changes completely on PC. Some PC games actually want you to mod it, which only adds more exciting content to a game you love.

Now that the mod-friendly Halo: MCC has come to PC, ambitious players have already started modding it. Haven’t you always dreamed of a modded version of Halo? This alone is a reason to start playing on PC.

3. You Can Play With a Keyboard and Mouse

For years, many Halo players have been complaining about not being able to play with a keyboard and mouse. Some gamers prefer using a mouse for FPS, as it helps them aim better and land more kills in shooters.

A controller can definitely get finicky—the fact that Halo: MCC lets you play with computer hardware is a major breakthrough. If any of your controls feel uncomfortable, you can always head to the game’s settings to remap them.

4. Cross-Progression

Already have Halo: MCC for your Xbox One? You don’t have to throw away your progress. Fortunately, your mission completion, leaderboard position, career stats, medals chest, achievements, and rank will all get transferred from your Xbox to PC.

Since cross-progression comes with Halo: MCC, you’re probably wondering if you can cross-play with other gamers from Xbox. Right now, you can only play with gamers from the same platform. This is still subject to change—the brand new Halo support site notes that the game may include crossplay in the future.

5. Improved UI

An improved UI may seem like a small change, but it’s still significant. The Halo: MCC on PC offers a more sleek interface compared to the Xbox One version, and provides visible option buttons.

Some players have already modded the main menu, and posted them online for other players to use. While one mod changes the main menu’s background with animations from the original Halo: Reach game, another mod allows you to change your background to photos of Tim Allen.

Experience the Full Master Chief Collection on PC

At the time of writing, only Halo: Reach has been released as part of the Halo: MCC. Luckily, there are plenty more games to come, with the final game (Halo 4) getting released by the end of 2020.

As the Halo series gets released in chronological order, we can only expect more improvements to come to the PC version. All in all, if you want an overhauled version of Halo: MCC and the opportunity to install mods, I’d highly suggest trying out the PC version.

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  1. I can’t find info on the basics of the Halo gameplay, other than FPS. Is it squad? Is it on rails / run n gun / spray n pray, or is it more tactical or even strategic? Is it constant firefights or periodic ‘when you’re ready’ battles? Are the single-player campaigns worthwhile?

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