11 Hidden GTA V Secrets You May Have Missed

Think you've conquered GTA V? Don't forget to look out for these hidden Easter eggs on your next playthrough.
11 Hidden GTA V Secrets You May Have Missed

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You only played the campaign mode GTA V once or twice, and went straight to multiplayer mode. By doing this, you probably ignored several hidden areas—with such a huge map, you can't find every secret without some help.

GTA V has been out for several years now, and I think gamers have finally discovered every secret in the game. The next time you decide to play GTA V, try to find some of these Easter eggs.

1. Finding the UFOs

If you've explored Los Santos enough, you might notice some references to aliens—in fact, you can actually find some UFOs. Not only will you notice them floating in the air, but you can also find one underwater. Head to the north side of Paleto Bay, take a submersible underwater, and you'll see a huge UFO surrounded by seaweed.

2. Calling ZiT

You might remember the music identification system, ZiT, inside GTA IV. When you heard a song you liked on your car's radio, you would call ZiT, and it would text you the name of the song. Unfortunately, phoning that same number, 948-555-0100, doesn't identify songs in GTA V. If you happen to call it, you'll hear a dial-up modem sound instead.

3. Frozen Alien

You've found the UFOs, but you want to see a real alien. In the first mission in Ludendorff, North Yankton, ignore what your GPS tells you to do. Head underneath the train bridge, and you'll find a frozen river that you can drive on. If you look closely, you'll see an alien frozen in time.

4. Bigfoot Sighting

During the Predator mission, you have to locate the O'Neil brothers using the thermal scope on your sniper rifle. Take a closer look at the thermal marking on the bottom right, and you'll see Bigfoot himself. The sighting only lasts a few seconds, and then he'll disappear.

5. Jolene Cranely-Evans Ghost

The world of GTA V has a hidden tale of murder (that has nothing to do with Michael, Franklin, or Trevor). You'll see a hint at the mystery if you frequently browse the in-game internet, and find the "Who Killed Lenora Johnson Website." A page on this website relays Jolene Cranely-Evans' brutal murder.

The article states that Jolene Cranely-Evans and her husband Jock had a rocky marriage. While Jolene wanted to stay in Blaine county to take care of her parents, Jock was itching to leave. When the couple took a walk on the cliffs of Mount Gordo, Jock pushed his wife off of the cliff. However, the police let Jock off the hook, believing that Jolene fell accidentally.

Travel to the top of Mount Gordo between 11 pm and midnight, and you'll see the angry ghost of Jolene Cranely-Evans. On the rock beside the ghost, "Jock" is written in blood—clearly, Jolene's death was no accident.

6. Cemetery Dog

Get your tissues ready for this secret—it's a real tearjerker. Travel to the cemetery, where you'll see a small black terrier. After following it for a bit, it'll sit in front of a grave and start wagging its tail.

If that doesn't make you want to cry, then you should know that this Easter egg is actually a reference to a true story. In the late 1800s, a loyal terrier in Edinburgh, Scotland spent 14 years in front of his owner's grave before he passed away as well.

7. Submerged Plane Wrecks

Not only can you find a UFO and a frozen alien in the waters of Los Santos, but you'll also come across ruined aircrafts. Get inside a submersible, and navigate to the waters north-east of the Paleto Forest peninsula. There, you'll see the remains of a sunken jet. You can find another submerged plane to the south of Murrieta Oil Field as well.

8. Hidden Snowman

While there isn't any snow in sunny Los Santos, you can still spot a snowman. Stop by the Fridgit warehouse in La Mesa, walk up to the blue doors, and look inside to see a jolly snowman. You can't enter the room, but you can shoot into it.

9. Hatch from Lost

GTA V inserted a nod to the hit TV show, Lost, hidden deep in the ocean. Again, you'll need a submersible to access this Easter egg. Travel to the east coast and dive underwater. Once you get far enough, you'll see the Hatch—a reference to the Hatch buried in the jungle of Lost.

10. Serial Killer Poem

Want to give yourself a scare? In Senora National Park lies a rock with a nursery rhyme written on it. The poem goes something like this: "One is done, two was fun, three tried to run, four called mom, five is not alive, six is nix, seven's in heaven, 8 won't wait." As you can tell, this poem obviously wasn't written by a child—Merle Abrahams, a serial killer wrote it in reference to his series of murders.

11. Wilhelm Scream

During the Father/Son mission, you'll have to rescue Michael's boat from some seedy characters. When Franklin starts throwing the thugs from the boat, listen closely and you'll hear the iconic Wilhelm Scream. This sound effect has been used in movies for decades—trust me, you'll recognize it when you hear it.

What's Your Favorite GTA V Secret?

While I've listed a fair amount of GTA V secrets, there are still more out there. Let me know if I missed your favorite secret, or if you think you've discovered something new on the map.

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