What Is GTA RP? Meet the Role-Playing Trend That's Dominating Twitch

Take on the role of a cop, doctor, or an elderly man in this interesting twist on GTA V.
What Is GTA RP? Meet the Role-Playing Trend That's Dominating Twitch

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If you've been on Twitch lately, chances are that you've come across a stream dedicated to GTA V role-playing.

Since not everyone stays updated on GTA V, it can be shocking to see hundreds of people playing a game that you haven't even touched in the years since its release.

GTA V alone offers an incredibly fun multiplayer mode. Combine that with roleplaying, and it gets even better.

What Is GTA RP?

GTA RP takes multiplayer mode to another level.

In the past, you probably joked around with your friends in online mode; one of you played the cop and your friends played the robbers. When some of you got hurt, you laughed it off and then assumed your real personality.

In GTA RP, there is no real personality. When you choose a role, you must become that role. Basically, it's like training to become an actor through video games.

You spawn as a random character, meaning you can't choose your looks. One day you might look like an elderly man, and on another day, you could take on the role of a young woman. It's up to you to decide who this person is.

Do you want to be a cop? How about a doctor, or just an innocent bystander? GTA RP gives you the power to do so. You don't have to take the role of the criminal that every GTA game forces upon you.

While this might seem contrary to the game's whole premise, you'd be surprised at the number of players turning the tables and actually enforcing the law, rather than break it.

How Do You Connect to a GTA RP Server?

GTA RP stemmed out of the third-party FiveM modification. FiveM allows you to play GTA V on dedicated servers with other PC players. While there are many GTA RP multiplayer mods to choose from, FiveM is one of the most popular choices.

Fortunately, FiveM makes it really simple to connect to one of its servers. The first step is to actually download FiveM from its website.

After it finishes downloading and updating itself, you'll notice the FiveM shortcut appear on your desktop. If FiveM doesn't open by itself, click on its icon to open FiveM. You'll then see a screen that looks like this:

Hit Servers at the top of the page and a list of servers will show up on your screen. As you can see, some servers have specific themes or are limited to certain languages or locations. Clicking the checkbox next to the Roleplay tag on the side of the page will show only roleplaying servers.

Once you find a server you like, click on it and then hit the orange Connect button.

From there, GTA will start up and you're good to go.

What Is the NoPixel Server?

Many Twitch streamers use the NoPixel server in their videos. This exclusive server holds only 32 people, with popular Twitch streamers and donors getting top priority.

Twitch streamer Summit masks his naturally high-pitched voice with a voice changer while playing GTA RP. He stays in character the whole time, only going out of character to explain something to his viewers.

Why do streamers on the NoPixel server take their roles so seriously? Because they have to.

Getting into the NoPixel server is harder than trying to get into Yale. You have to fill out a detailed application before you can even think about playing with these famous streamers.

Prior to completing the application, you'll need to read NoPixel's list of guidelines. These rules ensure that no one breaks their character.

Unrealistic scenarios, such as not showing fear when someone chases after you with a weapon or sprinting immediately after you're revived, are grounds for getting banned.

When you reach the application stage, you'll fill out an application that's for civilians and one for donors. Those who donate to NoPixel will have their application viewed faster.

The application presents various questions like, "The cops have pulled you over in a case of mistaken identity. What do you do?"

Right now, you'll have to wait to apply to NoPixel. It's been bogged down by thousands of applications, so they had to bar new applicants. Who knows when it will open up again, or if it's even worth trying to get in when you're not rich or a well-known Twitch streamer.

Is GTA V the Future of RPGs?

GTA V on its own definitely isn't an RPG, but it can become one with the help of mods.

Most people turn to Skyrim or Diablo when they want to play an RPG, but now that GTA V RP is in the picture, will there be any changes to how we play RPGs in the future? Only time can tell.