The 7 Best Video Game Pets of All Time, Ranked

Which video game pets are the most memorable? We've ranked the best ones from gaming history.
The 7 Best Video Game Pets of All Time, Ranked

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Pets are great. They help keep us sane no matter what's going on around us. They love us unconditionally, and we love them right back.

In video games, pets can provide some companionship when things are bleak. They can add a little comedy and levity to even the worst situations.

So which video game pets are the most memorable? That's exactly what we're going to figure out today. There are some great pets in video game pets out there, and it wasn't easy to choose, but we made it happen.

Before you rage, I left off any pets animals that serve as mounts instead instead of pets. Sorry Epona and Yoshi—you're great friends and all, but you don't count for this.

1. DD aka D-Dog (Metal Gear Solid V)

There are so many things to love about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. There's the interesting cast of characters, the massive open world to explore, and the dog. D-Dog is a badass killing machine that happens to be one of the most lovable dogs in the history of video games. He's a dog with a freakin eye patch that matches Venom Snake's. It doesn't get more badass than that!

2. Palico (Monster Hunter)

You can't pick just one Palico, as every single one of the lovable kitties is just as useful as they are cute. Monster Hunter is already one of the most fun video game franchises out there, and when you add in the awesome cat friends, you really can't go wrong.

3. Dogmeat (Fallout)

Dogmeat is a lovable murder dog who is one of the best companions to bring with you in Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 (he was in the previous Fallout games as well, but he came into his own in 3 and 4). If you're going to be stuck in a wasteland, what's better than having a dog to keep you company.

4. Rush (Mega Man)

Rush is the first robot pet to make the list. He's a wonderful companion for many of the difficult journeys that Mega Man is forced to face. He first debuted in Mega Man 3, and he's been a staple of the series ever since. Not only is lovable and adorable, but he's also quite helpful and able to get stuff done during the games.

5. Pikachu (Pokemon)

You could argue that Pikachu is more than a pet. He's able to do a lot more than your typical pet but it does meet the general requirements to be a pet. Who wouldn't love to have a little electric creature as a pet? Pikachu is as adorable as it gets, but when push comes to shove, his lightning can handle business.

6. D0g (Half-Life 2)

D0g is most definitely not a dog, but he does exhibit some of the same behaviors. Still, the robot is absolutely a pet. Obviously, the strong silent type like Gordon Freeman doesn't need a pet, but Alyx Vance does, and she makes great use of the D0g robot. He's as loyal as he is deadly, which makes him one of the best pets in video games.

7. Dog (Fable 2)

The dog in Fable II may not have a proper name, but that doesn't stop him from being an awesome companion. The dog was able to learn and gain new skills with the player, and if anything happened to him, it was absolutely devastating. Fable 2 is a game that's all about building relationships, and there was no more important relationship in the game than the one with Dog.

Pets Are the Best Companions

As someone who owns two dogs, let me tell you that pets are incredible. They're the best friends you'll ever have, and these video game pets feel just as special as the real thing.