Anthem vs. Destiny 2: What's Different and Which One Should You Play?

When it comes to Anthem, it's impossible to avoid drawing comparisons to Destiny 2.
Anthem vs. Destiny 2: What's Different and Which One Should You Play?

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When it comes to newly-released Anthem, it's almost impossible to avoid drawing comparisons to Destiny 2. Both games are loot-based shooters with a futuristic science fiction setting, after all.

While similar in some regards, there's actually quite a few differences between the two, and once you understand where the games differentiate from each other, it'll be much easier to choose the right game for you.

Anthem vs. Destiny 2: Similarities

The two games are similar mainly in broad strokes. Once you dig in, you'll realize they're quite a bit different, but from the outside looking it, it's easy to think they're a lot alike.

They're Both Loot Shooters

So let's start with some of the key places that Anthem and Destiny 2 overlap. Obviously, they're both shooters where you kill enemies and collect loot. Hence the reason for comparing the two games in the first place.

Loot is the key driving force behind both games that'll keep you coming back because it always feels like your character is growing and maturing as they collect more loot.

They Have Similar Settings

Like the game's genre, the setting between the two is obviously quite similar.

Both games are set in the future where you play as a badass space soldier who's tasked with attempting the save the world. One game has an Anthem of Creation, and the other has The Traveler.

While not exactly the same, there's quite a bit of setting overlap.

Anthem vs. Destiny 2: Differences

When it comes to the differences, most of them aren't as noticeable from the outside looking in, but once you dig into the games, you'll see there are some pretty substantial differences that make the two quite different.

First Person vs. Third Person

The most glaring difference between the two games is the perspective: Anthem is third-person and Destiny 2 is first-person.

For most players, whether it's first or third-person shouldn't be too much of a dealbreaker, but it's definitely something to think about when choosing the game for you.

One of Them Has PVP

Another huge difference is that Destiny 2 has PVP. For some players, this might absolutely be the thing that puts them over the edge. In terms of extending the life of the game, nothing adds more than the variables provided by playing against other people.

One of Them Doesn't Have an End Game

When it comes to difficult end game content, right now Anthem doesn't have anything to compare to the depth and challenge offered by Destiny 2's six-man raids.

Anthem has repeatable content for four players called Strongholds, but they lack the complicated mechanics offered in Destiny 2's raids.

The same is true of Anthem's Legendary contracts—they're difficult, but in the end, it's all about shooting harder enemies and not dealing with difficult mechanics.

Different Movement Styles

In Destiny 2, when you need to travel a long distance, you pull out your Sparrow and zip along. In Anthem, you use your suit's built-in flight mechanics. Let's be honest: flying is more fun than being on the ground, and the flight mechanics in Anthem are tons of fun.

Quantity of Content

In terms of content, there's no comparison between Destiny 2 and AnthemDestiny 2 just offers more. It has PVP, raids, strikes, story, and all kinds of other content.

Anthem has a decent amount of content for a new game, and Bioware has outlined a solid plan for the content going forward, but realistically, Destiny 2 just blows Anthem away if you look at the value of the game as it stands right now.

Which Game Is Right for You?

One obvious dealbreaker between the two games is the perspective, if you don't like first-person shooters, Anthem is for you. If you don't like third-person shooters, then you should give Destiny 2 a shot.

If perspective doesn't matter to you, then what it really comes down to is whether you want to see a game in its infancy grow, or if you want to play a game that's already full of content.

With these service-style games, they get released and then they change wildly. Destiny and Destiny 2 went through it, and it led the franchise to the strong place it's in right now.

Hopefully, Anthem sees the same level of improvement and matures as Destiny 2 did, but there's no guarantee that it will.

In the end, for most people, I'd say Destiny 2 is the way to go just because of how much content there is for the price. Between multiple raids, strikes, Gambit, PVP, and everything else offered, there's just a much better value in Destiny 2.

But the core gameplay loop of Anthem is actually extremely fun, and if you're willing to work with the game as it grows up, I still have no problem recommending it.