10 Great PlayStation Now Games You Can Download and Play Offline

There are a ton of great games to download on PlayStation Plus. Here are some of our favorites.
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When it launched, PlayStation Now didn’t do a whole lot to impress, well, anyone. While it offered a fair number of games, it was limited to streaming only and had some performance issues depending on your internet connection.

PlayStation Now has come a long way, thanks in part to a lower subscription fee. Games are still available for streaming on a few different platforms, but if you are a PlayStation 4 owner, you can download games and play them as if they were digital purchases. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got some ideas for you.

1. Bloodborne

For quite some time, Bloodborne was one of the best reasons to own a PlayStation 4. If you’ve never played this game, think Dark Souls but with faster-paced combat that rewards you for staying on the offensive. The opening areas tend to look the same, but the look of the game gets more impressive the deeper you get.

2. Doom

With Doom Eternal just around the corner (or possibly released by the time you read this), why not catch up with the game that pumped badly needed blood back into the aging franchise. Doom eschews the slow-paced horror game-style pacing that made Doom 3 feel so out of place and somehow feels in the spirit of the original games despite its new coat of paint.

3. Fallout 4

No, Fallout 4 may not be as good as Fallout: New Vegas or even the more recent Outer Worlds, but it’s better than Fallout 76 and that’s got to be worth something. If you’re looking for a deep first-person RPG, this is the best you’ll find on PlayStation Now.

4. Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition

Initially described by developer Guerilla Games as post-post-apocalyptic in setting, Horizon Zero Dawn is an open world action game that has you hunting robot dinosaurs with spears and a bow. Even if that doesn’t sound like a great idea for a game to you, it’s worth playing through for the excellent story.

5. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Did you finish Death Stranding finding yourself want more Kojima weirdness? While it never goes quite as crazy as some earlier entries in the series, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain still has plenty of odd to offer. If you need even more, this game’s predecessor, Ground Zeroes, is also available on PlayStation Now.

6. Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition

Who would have thought a PC-style RPG in the same vein as Baldur’s Gate or Icewind Dale would actually be fun to play on a PC? The answer to that question doesn’t matter. All that matters is that this is a great game, no matter where you play it.

7. Prey

Though it’s technically part of the game franchise, Prey might as well have no relation to the game of the same name from the last generation. Taking strong inspiration from the System Shock and Bioshock series, Prey is one of the more interesting first-person shooters in recent years.

8. Project Cars 2

What is a collection of games without a racing game? That said, if you’re not into simulation-style racers, you’ll want to stay away from this one. On the other hand, if you love games in the style of the Gran Turismo and Forza series, this is the next best thing.

9. Tekken 7

Presumed dead well into the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 era, fighting games have come back in a big way. Tekken 7 isn’t the only fighting game available on PlayStation Now, but it’s one of the best for beginners. That said, it’s got plenty of depth for seasoned fighting game fans.

10. Valkyria Chronicles Remastered

If you’re looking to play Valkria Chronicles 4 but you want to catch up on the series first, Valkyria Chronicles Remastered is your best bet. Originally released on the PlayStation 3, this strategy game was followed by a PSP-only title and a Vita-only game that never made it out of Japan. Your best bet? Play this one then move straight on to the latest installment.

Not Sure About PlayStation Now?

While the games we’ve gathered here are a great place to start, they might not be worth the $9.99 per month or $59.99 per year that PlayStation Now costs. Of course, these are far from the only downloadable games on the service and there are some great other options. The service often puts popular games like Grand Theft Auto V, God of War, and Control on the service for a limited time as well.

The streaming PS3 games and downloadable PS2 games are there too, but if you’re not sure about the service, take a look at our list of the best reasons to pay for PlayStation Now.

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