5 Beloved Kids TV Shows That Are Crazy Annoying to Watch as Adults

Sorry, but no matter how fondly you remember these TV shows from your childhood, they're completely insufferable as an adult.
5 Beloved Kids TV Shows That Are Crazy Annoying to Watch as Adults

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It's amazing the terrible stuff we're willing to put up with as children. In fact, not only do we put up with some of the most horrendous entertainment when we're young, but in many cases, we actually enjoyed this utter trash. Maybe kids have no taste?

We're going to take this opportunity to mock some of the shows you probably grew up on. Sorry, but no matter how fondly you remember these shows from your childhood, they're completely insufferable as an adult.

1. Teletubbies

Did anyone ever actually enjoy watching Teletubbies, even as a child? Even if you don't find their awful songs to be incredibly annoying, you have to at least acknowledge that these creepy monsters are the stuff nightmares are made of. Every sound they make is like nails on a chalkboard.

See if you can make it through one full episode and let us know if you manage to pull it off. If you do, come back tomorrow and tell us about the terrible nightmare you had about these monstrosities.

2. Barney and Friends

To me, the hardest thing to believe is that an annoying giant purple dinosaur actually had friends. It's in the title, so it must be true. Barney first aired in 1992 (I was 6), and even then I knew that he and his entire crew were a bunch of obnoxious people in suits.

If Barney's voice doesn't make you want to punch him in the face, you should check to see if you have a pulse. He just sounds so ridiculous and stupid. Oh well, at least he's not terrifying like the Teletubbies.

3. Dora the Explorer

By the time Dora the Explorer released, I was already too old to enjoy it (I was in my first year of high school). However, that doesn't mean I didn't have to suffer through my fair share of episodes with siblings and younger cousins.

Dora and Boots find a way to make the simplest tasks into long, arduous journeys that'll make even the most patient adults scream at their television. If you like feeling your blood boil, watch Dora. And don't even get me started on that thieving Swiper...

4. The Wiggles


I don't even know how to describe The Wiggles. It's a bunch of weird adults singing and dancing while trying to teach kids lessons on life or something. They're primarily a traveling show designed to torture parents in person, but that didn't stop them from driving everyone nuts with their catchy songs on TV with The Wiggles Show.

There's something extra creepy about the show not being a cartoon, too. Not to mention all the innuendo you can make about wiggling. I don't get how any kid or adult can sit through a whole episode of this show, but there are people who do, so more power to The Wiggles.

5. Yo Gabba Gabba!

This show is basically an acid trip for children. Obviously, a children's show released in 2007 is way out of my wheelhouse. In fact, I didn't have to watch this with any of my younger siblings. Even worse, I had to go back and watch episodes of this absurd show to research for this article. It's almost as terrifying as Teletubbies. Almost.

As annoying as most aspects of the show are, DJ Lance Rock is the best children's show host. He has a certain charisma and charm that makes the show almost tolerable. But the rest of the show makes it impossible to watch.

Childhood and Nostalgia Ruined...

I hate to rain on your parade, but not all kid's shows are great like the Nicktoons were. In fact, most of the shows we enjoyed as kids are just hard to watch as adults. Looking back, I wonder how I even sat through some of these as a child!